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Submitted by xboxinsider 1132d ago | article

The Most Anticipated Titles of 2013

It's time for another year of sequels, prequels, new IP and many forms of digital content to be thrown our way. We've had an amazing year of gaming throughout 2012, do you think 2013 can top the likes of The Walking Dead Episodes, Halo 4, Skyrim and many others that took the world by storm? Find out now by checking what the Most Anticipated Titles of 2013 are. (Dev, Industry, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

ProjectSiK  +   1132d ago
WOO 2013!
otherZinc  +   1132d ago
Best list yet. It has the top 3 selling games of the year:

Gears Judgement
Bioshock Infinite

See, these games will be played for a very long time. That's how games should be.
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th3n00bg4m3r  +   1131d ago
I highly doubt Gears Of War: Judgment is even remotely close to Game Of The Year[even the last three games in the series has not won a single game of the year award]. And, if you look at pre-orders it is not doing that well.
VINNIEPAZ  +   1132d ago
Are you serious???

This is like the 2nd topic about the great games of March and absolutely NO mention of Monster Hunter 3rd Ultimate!!!!!!!!!!!

I can almost see why Capcom didn't release MH 3rd on PSP State side. This is a pretty big game and defiantly a anticipated title by many. Get it together people!
WarThunder  +   1132d ago
What a lame list....
xboxinsider  +   1132d ago
Why thank you. I aim to please.
fgjhrtdgr   1132d ago | Spam

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