We Remember The 5 Best Playstation 2 Games Of All Time

Daav from stands still at the best games ever produced on Playstation 2, as word spreads that Sony has retired this grand console. With over 10 years of service, more than 100 million sales and surpassing ten thousand games in its library, this is truly the end of an era.

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OmniSlashPT2016d ago

Needs more SotC and Okami!

guitarded772016d ago

Agreed, but any top 5 of PS2 games is gonna be different.

ShugaCane2016d ago

Agreed, but those two games not even being in the honorable mentions is criminal.

Daavpuke2016d ago

Very true, we tried to make a list that truly encompasses why the platform is great, even if the game's aren't well-known, rather than applying ourselves to the same 10 or so titles anyone has seen, which is also why games like the excellent Killzone or MGS2, Gran Turismo and so on aren't present. The article does mention not once but twice that it's impossible to please everyone with a complete list that spans over ten thousand titles.

After some extremely heavy-hearted weighing, the decision was to not include SOTCICO because the rather specific appeal wouldn't strike true outside the direct fanbase or specific interest. Where other titles would at least on the surface entertain anyone that picks it up for some reason, it was harder to find what a non-affiliated person could enjoy from Team Ico's masterpieces. Several opinions found them to be dragging, empty games (not saying I agree with that personally), while others at least had some element of constant entertainment going for them, whatever it was for the specific game at hand.

God of War took Ico's place in the honorable mentions. I know it doesn't agree with everyone, but I do feel it was the overall best decision for all fans of PS2, not just a large selected base.

BUT, as a slight nod to these prime games, we hinted at their greatness by placing them atop our wall of games. We were consciously thinking of them, both, which is a rare occurrence for any developer.

guitarded772016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@ KarmicDemon

Agreed... but I cannot agree anymore... I am out of agrees for today.

Stupid n4g makin' me push the wrong reply button.

Stuart57562016d ago

Burnout 3? It was good, but top 5 good?

auen12016d ago

my personal top 5:

5) god of war
4) mgs2
3) god of war 2
2) mgs3: subsistence
1) shadow of the colossus

2016d ago
RiseAbove2016d ago

When you add a sports or racing game to a "best game of all time" list, you did it wrong.

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