IGN Live Presents: God of War Ascension Multiplayer

IGN:A two hour long first look at God of War: Ascension's multiplayer modes with your favorite IGN editors.

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MattyG1839d ago

Yessssss! Got my question answered, just waiting for them to send me my beta code. Hope it's a well thought out MP mode.

LackTrue4K1839d ago

It's fun, I got my ass handed to me. But I have enjoyed my time with it :)

Kinger89381839d ago

I didnt enjoy it really, couldnt get the hang of it so ill stick with single player! Obviously its a beta so ill try the mode at release but i cant see it holding our attention for too long at the moment

soundslike1839d ago

If you never got the hang of it, how can you judge how much people will take to it and for how long?

Kinger89381838d ago

Sorry i ment for myself not others

I just found it to be to chaotic tbh.

Unsure how many maps there are and what there is to keep me coming back, if i do get the hang of it. Either way its more bang for your buck i guess

BitbyDeath1839d ago

Do we know if the full game will allow for splitscreen/samescreen play?