It's The Season For Playing Games - Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Daav from spends the holiday season huddled up in a blanket, playing games to entertain readers. Find out what some games are about in this small series of gameplay commentaries. The final video takes a look at Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. Its business model might be all over the place, but at least the game is good.

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ALICE6661873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

wow never heard of this game. love the art direction. its like okami and diablo rolled into one game. gonna have to keep an eye on this one. :)

Daavpuke1873d ago

Ha, with your username, you might be interested to know that it comes from the makers of Alice: Madness Returns.

ALICE6661873d ago

lol yeah just found out as I was reading about it on steam greenlight. Loved the american mcgee Alice series. :)