Nvidia goes BIG (and small) |

Two exciting pieces of news have recently emerged from graphics card manufacturing powerhouse Nvidia, whose GPU hardware powers a majority of PC gaming rigs and the PlayStation 3.

A new handheld gaming console and a new cloud gaming network architecture.

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Thirty3Three1959d ago

So questions:

1) What happens if your PC isn't powerful enough to play games like Assassin's Creed III, Borderlands 2, etc.?
2) So you need your "Gaming" PC/Laptop open at all times?
3) You need wifi to play the "good" games, otherwise it's just another ridiculous android tablet?


CommonSenseGamer1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Have you seen some of the games available for tablets and smart phones of late? The visuals are stunning yet they won't even compare to what the tegra 4 will be capable of. Honestly, take a look at Riptide GP, Dungeon Hunter 3, Need For Speed, Modern Combat 4 and none of them would look out of place on the Vita. However, big difference is that all those games combined would cost less than half the price of a single full price Vita game.

Oh, I'm waiting for someone to bring up the debate around physical controls. Well, many of the newer tablet and smartphone games are supporting the use of physical controls. A tablet like the Nexus 7, which sold more units over Xmas than the Vita did in an entire year, allows you to easily use a DS3 or 360 controller without having to root your device.

Hicken1958d ago

Supporting the use of physical controls is NOT THE SAME as having those same controls built in. That's the bottom line there.

Let me put it another way: more tennis shoes(sneakers) are sold than football cleats(or soccer, or rugby); does that mean tennis shoes are better for football than cleats? Hell no. Because cleats are designed specifically for football. Sure, you're gonna have a FEW people out there that will buy tennis shoes and play football in them, but when most people want to play football, they'll use their good sense and BUY CLEATS.

The Vita and 3DS have a leg up on the Nexus 7 and whatever other BS you come up with because they're made for games. Or do you have some research that shows that people are buying these smartphones and such primarily for gaming? No? Then stop trying to lean on your ill-informed opinion as some sort of fact-crutch.

Also, I find it amazing how frequently the Vita makes its way into your comments, given your avowed hatred and non-interest in the device. Ironic that you must compare any device that could be groundbreaking or superior against this device that's apparently inferior to you.

ryandebraal1959d ago

The amazing thing about cloud gaming is that all you need is the bandwidth to be able to stream the information, all the processing and graphics card power is handled on the server end, so you could *theoretically* play Farcry 3 on an extremely low end laptop connected to a super fast internet connection cause all it's doing is transmitting the finished product to you and monitoring your input

BullyMangler1959d ago

this thing already looks more comfy than the Vita . .Seriously, i held the Vita the other day and woW, its bad . . The vita is so uncomfortable, that i felt like slamming it against a wall .. its soo pretty, but soo bad in the mitts . and thats a shame when it comes to gaming . . .

CommonSenseGamer1959d ago

I'm not sold on the form factor but what it packs in in terms of features and capability has me very interested indeed.

r211959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

So uncomfortable you felt like slamming it against a something wrong with your hands? I know its not the most comfortable design like oh say a controller (which the Shield thing is) but its NOT that uncomfortable :L

BullyMangler1958d ago

dude . . the vita is out of comfort . . when somebody has grown up using mainly NINTENDO hardware, HANDS naturally become used to THE BEST OF THE BEST COMFORT. I HOLD THE VITA AND IT FEELS LIKE IM HOLDING one of those big chalk board erasers . . . I SERIOUSLY ONLY WANT TO SEE A PS VITA, NOT HOLD ONE. . . EVEN IF IT RUMBLES, EVEN IF IT KEEPS YOU WARM. The PS Vita needs a RE-DESIGN. Sony just made the Vita for the money ? . . . . . maybe we will see something UNIQUE out of the Vita soon . . . . {mudders back to bed}, "freakin Vita feels like im holding a lite weight brick"

MasterCornholio1958d ago

For me the Vita is the most ergonomic handheld on the market and the 3DS is the most uncomfortable one for me due to its sharp corners and uneven weight balance. I havent held the XL yet but i can imagine that it will be the same sort of thing but more bulky.

BullyMangler1958d ago

nope dude . this is not a for me or a for you type of situation . . the FACTS of COMFORT speak for themselves . . ..

r211958d ago

I got a question for you, you dont have to answer though...
Are you coco in the loco buddy? Im just gonna have to assume you're a new troll, such is n4g.

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brich2331959d ago

it is ugly, but at least its not final. Needs some refinements.

ryandebraal1959d ago

Agreed, it looks like an Xbox controller with a netbook lid duct taped to it, but considering the many iterations a console can go through before production I think the Nvidia QA dept. will probably come up with something more "sleek".

Though I would prefer "comfort" to "style". An Xbox controller with an attached screen might feel unwieldy but if it can run FarCry 3, Dishonored, Borderlands 2 on it, I can forgive the fact that it doesn't fit in my pocket.

landog1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

cannot wait to play Crysis 3, the witcher 3, metro last light all in dx11 on a 5" screen while I'm taking the bronws to the super

day one buy

nvidia is king, best graphics available imo, not that ati/amd is bad, they make exceptionally good and efficient cards, just such awful driver support

i trust nvidia to deliver an amazing experience, plus i can drive my wife nuts playing skyrim and diablo 3 in bed :)