Edinburgh games firm Rockstar North reports £12.6m loss

Rockstarturk: The makers of the Grand Theft Auto games series made a pre-tax loss of more than £12.6m last year. Edinburgh-based Rockstar North listed £11.5m in exceptional items during the year to the end of March 2012, in accounts filed at Companies House.They included revenue adjustments on transfer pricing, which some firms use to account for revenue in different tax regimes. In the previous 17-month accounting period, Rockstar made £5.4m in profits. Turnover in the 12 months to March was just over £18m, compared to £25.8m over the previous 17 months. Rockstar, which spent £22.2m on research and development last year, is due to release Grand Theft Auto V in the spring.

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iamnsuperman2045d ago

No real surprise here is they are developing GTA V and not releasing other games

Anonagrog2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

That was primarily R* Vancouver, not North.

Additionally, I think it's North who are working as lead on 'Agent' too, if I'm not mistaken.

iamnsuperman2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

"Development is led by Rockstar Vancouver in collaboration with the New England, London and Toronto studios" (from Wikipedia)

Rockstar North didn't really lead the development of Max Payne. They may have helped (even though it isn't listed there) but it was the Vancouver branch who did it

@Dogdirt2000 I do not think Agent exists anymore.

modesign2045d ago

im suprised its not higher, im sure they will be profiting once GTAV releases

FarCryLover1822045d ago

I doubt that they care when they'll be making over 1 billion in profit in sales in 2013.

DOMination-2045d ago

The publisher will for sure

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3-4-52045d ago

Yea It costs money to make GREAT games.

They lose 12 million but 1 month after GTA V releases they will have made well over 100 million.