Looks Like Someone at Ubisoft Jumped the Gun with Announcement of New Assassin’s Creed III DLC

GodisaGeek: "Oops. It looks like someone at Ubisoft jumped the gun on an AC III DLC announcement. That’s what we’re led to believe as it appears a post briefly appeared on the Assassin’s Creed official website that detailed; The Battle Hardened Pack for Assassin’s Creed III which is reportedly coming, this week."

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matrixman921933d ago

can we just get the king washington dlc know, the one people actually care about

Fil1011933d ago

How about some more info on R6P, seriously ubi we rainbow fans aint heard nothing since that vid came out more than 6 months ago. I dont think I can take any more cod.

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J86blum1932d ago

Yeah, I want the Washington DLC as well, and more info on Rainbow Six Patriots cause it looks dope. my own battle command center. And heck even more news on the new Splinter Cell.