Sunflex Reveals 'unu' Android Gaming Platform

TGH Writes: "Today Sunflex has announced the 'unu' an Android based gaming platform, Smart TV and tablet hybrid that looks to revolutionize how we see Android consoles."


Article has been updated with MSRP Price Point & release window for Unu.

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DaThreats1744d ago

Another gaming platform?

The_Infected1744d ago

We have what 3 to many now? This thing looks like shit.

NovusTerminus1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

*Rubs forehead*

We don't need more consoles... Xbox, Wii, PS, PC, Ouyu (or W/E) and now this... plus the Steam Box (I know, it just runs PC games)

And then the ever running rumor of Apple stepping in...


ShadyDevil1744d ago

The NVIDIA produced handheld Android gaming device.

CommonSenseGamer1744d ago

Yes, but Project Shield looks like an incredible device that will feature the best mobile graphics seen to date. Heck, with a 72 core GPU this this should look fantastic when playing back on the TV as well!

Outside_ofthe_Box1744d ago

As they say, the more the merrier...

majiebeast1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

2013 year of the android console 2 shits were given. Who wants to play mobile games on a big screen tv angry birds in 1080P big whoop. Last time everyone jumped on the gaming bandwagon we had the videogame crash of 1983.

OhReginald1744d ago

its funny because the whole point of angry birds was taking something quick to play on the they think (or make people think) that they need to play angry birds at home on their big screen...

CommonSenseGamer1744d ago

Take a look at the iTunes and Play stores and you'll see some graphically intensive games that would play just fine on a TV.

Honestly, saying tablets and smart phones can only play angry birds is the same as saying the Vita has no games. Its just plain ignorant.

Hicken1744d ago

.. but you contest the Vita's library all the time...

OhReginald1744d ago

this reminds me of all those damn pong consoles......

-Gespenst-1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

No more of this please. What's with this suuden inundation of subpar, exclusively android consoles? They're going to oversaturate the market.

This is just videogames being assimiliated by shallow popular culture. Everything about videogames is becoming more and more diluted. All this smart phone ios android crap needs to stop.

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