Monster partners with EA to create MVP Carbon, the new gaming headphones at CES 2013

Monster and EA Sports have just announced a new set of professional gaming headphones for multiple platforms. The new ‘MVP Carbon’ headphones will work on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii U. This from CES 2013:

This marks Monster’s first attempt at making a gaming peripheral, a field that has been dominated with such innovators as Razer, Turtle Beach and SteelSeries. The ‘MVP Carbon’ will feature simulated 5.1 Surround Sound working off some impressive 30MM drivers. The microphone will be integrated into the device.

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Blackdeath_6631965d ago

wow $269 i was just looking at the prices of other premium headsets on amazon and i couldn't find one more expensive than that. 5.1 virtual surround sound? a headset with 7.1 is a quarter of that price. if you are selling a something at a premium price then at the very least have a premium product to match.

NirvanaInChains1965d ago

All of monster & most of EA's products is over rated Junk. Don't let the name or the cheap wannabe high end looks fool you.

Tzuno1965d ago

Good to see people with the eyes open.

HeroReborn1964d ago

I think it's another company trying to throw its hat in the ring to make money off of a hot line of products. Astros, or Turtle Beach is not just good enough for me, they are the standards for quality sound gaming.

thevine1963d ago

I'm curious how you can comment badly on something you've never heard?

AzaziL1962d ago

The only monster products I ever bought were $100 ear buds that were on sale for $30. Sounded just as good as any other ear buds and the POS broke after only a few months of use. Never will pay full price for their garbage ever.

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faysal1965d ago

just buy the sony pulse elite headset.. you will love that thing a lot..

GamerElite1964d ago

the are on sale for $115 at

thevine1963d ago

Sony headphones are total shit. The carbon headphones will run circles around anything on the market.

faysal1963d ago

if you think sony headphones are shit you need to get your ears checked. sony has been making headphones since the 90's they know what they are on the other is just a wannabe headphone maker.

kevnb1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

trying to replicate the beats by dre success. Those are shitty headphones too. But the beats by dre branding is needed, as soon as people see monster they run.

donman11965d ago

$269.... Not interested.

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