Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel - "Close Combat" Trailer

In this week's "Meet The Cartel" episode, Alpha gets up close and personal versus Mr. "Merc Stabber" from the La Guadaña Cartel.

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DaThreats1661d ago

Trailer should have been more detailed than that!

1661d ago
fermcr1661d ago

I agree... game to be released in March and haven't seen no gameplay videos nor images from the game. NOT A GOOD SIGN.

acemonkey1661d ago

lol a 30sec trailer of what?

redDevil871661d ago

Hands down, one of the worst trailers i've ever seen lol.

This game is going to bomb so hard.

acemonkey1661d ago

i havent played any of them...but this one idk but this trailer why was the time...i thought it be detailed and be like up close and personal kills..not 1 kill and then the Army of Two pre order now lol

Enemy1661d ago

What's up with EA keeping this franchise around? It's trash, and this trailer couldn't possibly be worse.

Get to work on Dante's Inferno 2, Visceral.

da_2pacalypse1661d ago

First Army of two game was pretty cool actually... The second was a step back, and I expect this will be another step back...

This seems to be a common trend with all EA franchises: cool first iteration, the franchise progressively gets worse and worse because they try and appeal to the lower common denominator.

Ryder491661d ago

Asking for a Dante's Inferno 2 and calling Army of Two trash? Great work there.

Enemy1661d ago

Another generic brodude series with no personality VS a good God of War clone. That's a tough one.

violents1661d ago

I didn't really like the first one and this one looks to be shaping up to impress me just as much.

Pretty lame trailer.

000011661d ago

marketing teams that continually release these awkward 30 second reveal trailers are truly pointless. its only a game, it will eventually be revealed in full anyway, so craft a trailer that has a purpose. such stupid marketing.

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The story is too old to be commented.