XCOM: Enemy Unknown is Kotaku’s 2012 Game of the Year

The staff of Kotaku nominated nine games for 2012 Game of the Year. One game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, blew the competition away.

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aquamala1898d ago

Great choice, well deserved!

camel_toad1898d ago

On the addiction scale of 1-10 this game is easily an 11. It was one of my favorites of the year but Dishonored takes my absolute favorite of 2012.

ziggurcat1898d ago

down voted.

get this god-awful site off of N4G.

aquamala1898d ago

thanks for reminding me to up vote it

Hicken1897d ago

Why? Most of their articles are utter crap. The one or two decent articles- or articles you happen to agree with- don't make up for that.

ronin4life1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

@hicken and others

Downvoting a site because you disagree with it is stupid and draconian. Downvote it when they post these bad stories if you want, but downvoting ALL their stories in order to blacklist them entirely regardless of individual posted content is childish.

Give all forms of credit, both negative and positive when and where it is due.

jmc88881897d ago

Fun, fun game. Though I like these sorts of games which are pretty far and between. Think the last one I played(obviously different but also similar) was Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3.

RPG12011897d ago

IGN and now Kotaku... gotta play this NOW!

Rampaged Death1897d ago

Not a strategy fan at all but I really enjoyed the demo. I'll be picking it up very soon.

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