Sony Cancels Former LittleBigPlanet Developers' Vita Game

Push Square: "A team comprised of former LittleBigPlanet developers has turned to Kickstarter following the cancellation of its first PlayStation Vita project. Ambient Studios – which was founded in 2011 – had been working on a Sony-funded handheld title for a year before the platform holder decided to pull the plug."

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MagneticDeath2051d ago

I know it would not be a system seller the Vita needs but that sounds awesome. I would of picked it up.

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legionsoup2051d ago

This topic title is somewhat misleading. Put up for hit bait. Could have easily been something like "Kickstarter for new Vita game"

oricon2050d ago

Main problem Sony has with the Vita they need to stop outsourcing their 1st party titles to other developers and get their 1st party developers to make vita games, Sony needs to set an example with the games on vita so other 3rd party developers will follow suit like they did on ps3

Conzul2051d ago

Well that's a shame...another Vita game in trouble...

G20WLY2051d ago

Don't like the sound of that - what other games are in trouble then?

Sanquine902051d ago

Dragons crown and warriors lair

extermin8or2051d ago

Warriors Lair isn't in trouble, it's beeing worked on by Santa Monica now, and was delayed to ensure a higher quality of the game- they will release it when they are damn good and ready...

TheDivine2051d ago

I don't know about games but Sony closed 3 studios after making vita games. Wipeout dev, Zipper, and Nihlistic all closed. Also no big games are announced right now besides Kz and Soul Sacrifice. Bioshock prob won't ever happen and guaranteed sales like Type-0 won't even release on psn. All the big franchises are going on the 3ds. Dragon quest 7 remake which is a remake of a ps exclusive is now exclusive to 3ds along with everything else other than ports. Sucks because I love my vita but its going the psp route. Hopefully it lasts long enough to see a FF and MGS release on it. Persona 4 rocks though.

Sony needs to support it like Nin does its handhelds. All devs make a game not just a few shitty b teams here and there. Nin has far more ip's though. Seriously there's a new big game every month. Fire emblem in feb, luigis mansion, mh tri, mh4, soul hackers in march, on and on. I don't know when a new vita game drops. There's Kz sometime next year and gaiden 2 which il buy even though I own it already because it rocks on the go but what else? I want to have faith but I need to see something big. Persona 5, FF12 port, MGS, GOW exc. E3 is make or break it for vita IMO.

Hicken2051d ago

Well, it's no longer a Vita game, so there's that.

Also, what other Vita games are "in trouble?" I haven't heard of anything. Do you know something the rest of us don't know? Or is this more smoke blowing?

ronin4life2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Dragons crown has been in development for a LONG time...

And then there was the rumor that devs were jumping ship and dropping planned support, which sony quickly denied... only to confirm a few months later by proxy with a statement along the lines of "it has been difficult to obtain support for the Vita."

Outside of n4g, the reality is Vita isn't doing to well. Go anywhere else (from the well mannered and neutral siliconera community to the roudy destructoid community and all levels inbetween) and you will see this.

Inception2051d ago

" Dragons crown has been in development for a LONG time... "

Long time is an exagarated word. Vanillaware and Ignition (the publisher) announced it on E3 2011.

George Kamitani had Dragon's Crown CONCEPT for thirteen years, but there's no one wants to publish it, until Ignition came of course. In the way, Ignition drop the title and Atlus pick it up from them (thx Altus!). Some key member from Atlus will help Kamitani to make this game.

" And then there was the rumor that devs were jumping ship and dropping planned support, which sony quickly denied... only to confirm a few months later by proxy with a statement along the lines of "it has been difficult to obtain support for the Vita."

Vanillaware isn't jumping ship and droping support for PS3 or even Vita. That's why Muramasa: The Demon Blade got ported (with extra content) for Vita. It also had a solid release date in japan: 28 March 2013. And this year, a lot of games from 3rd party will be release for vita.

Megaton2051d ago

You're right. It needs games first before they can be in trouble.

Protagonist2051d ago


Do tell, what is the other Vita games in trouble?

Conzul2051d ago

Probably shoulda said *more trouble for the Vita*.

cooksauce2051d ago

I didn't know the vita had games...

Sanquine902051d ago

@Thedevine: Nihilistic is not even a Sony studio so do not talk bullshit.

DOMination-2051d ago

But the other two heebtiobed were tbf although i think it was just coibcidence it sas after vita games.

Zipper have been terrible for a while and SCE Liverpool had already pretty much merged with Evolution

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Enemy2051d ago

So...what begins? A bad-looking game being canceled?

Protagonist2051d ago

What begins? Sony focusing on what games to develope for the Vita?

cooksauce2051d ago

aaahhhhh vita... games may appear at some point

DarthJay2050d ago

Seems like something they should have done a long time ago.

Ezz20132051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

do you ever post something that add anything to the topics ??
no you only troll sony articles and fail at it too

next time READ the article not just the headline before making a stupid comment like that

EDIT: iamsuperman beat me to it
" I assume you didn't bother to read the article nor think. Sony probably cut their loses (as it wasn't going to do well enough/ other multiple, sane, reasons) with the game and those developers you developed that canned game are now using kickstarter to make a BRAND NEW game (i.e. it isn't the one Sony canned). Games get cancelled all the time for various reasons (anything from poor production to too much cost)

The title doesn't help but the game isn't the cancelled one

poo3429472947922051d ago

like where the heck is syphon filter the psp one were like the 2 best games on the psp we need a vita one lol or ps3 one its been years

MattyG2051d ago

I thought it meant Tearaway. I woulda been PIIIIISSED.

Enemy2051d ago

Tearaway is being developed by Media Molecule, not former LBP developers at Ambient Studios.

MattyG2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Yeah, and Media Molecule said they wanted to move on from LBP for a bit, and Tarsier developed the Vita version. So in a way MM is a "former LBP developer". Obviously when I clicked the article I realized it didn't mean MM, but based off a first glance I thought it did.

DOMination-2051d ago

It's easy to see why you'd think Tearaway from the title though.. I thought the same when I saw the headline.