New ‘Remember Me’ Trailer Coming This Week

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

Today it was revealed that Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment’s new game Remember Me would be getting a new trailer later this week

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core_52018d ago

one of the most interesting games this year ..

SAE2018d ago

Hope it's something special , not just a normal game which i will buy but still wish it's something exciting ..

SAE2018d ago

Hoping for a great game is bad , oh well ^^

Rampaged Death2018d ago

Yes ! The trailer(s) they have released so far gave me a little BG&E vibe.

League_of_Draven2018d ago

It won't be remembered as it looks mediocre and they ruined from what it was supposed to be.

Enemy2018d ago

I will remember your failures, Remember Me. Everything from your horrible dialogue all the way to how boring you look. Should have stayed at the salon fixing your hair some more.

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