10 Bold Xbox Predictions for 2013

IGN - It’s going to be an exciting, crazy year. We forecast how we think it’s all going to go down.

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hennessey862048d ago

We get to see Alan wake 2 in all its next generation glory.

Belking2048d ago

Same here. I think remedy will come through.

BattleAxe2048d ago

Me too, I'll wait for a Steam sale before I pick it up though.

otherZinc2048d ago

There will be no new XBOX released this fall.

That's my prediction.

Thirty3Three2048d ago ShowReplies(5)
coolmast3r2048d ago

Want to get as many clicks as possible?
Place an XBOX720/PS4 thumbnail and you are ready to go.

BLAKHOODe2048d ago

I really think we'll see the new Xbox before the end of the year. I mostly think this, because the new Gears Of War comes out in March and, so far, it's the only major exclusive title coming out this year on Xbox. If you think back a few years, Gears Of War 3 was due out in spring, but it was also a year Xbox didn't have much going for it, so they pushed Gears 3 back to Fall to compete with all the other major releases. So, I'm thinking Microsoft got something MAJOR for us this Fall, since the new Gears is set for March.

2048d ago