Are Used Games Harming The Industry?

With Sony apparently having patented anti-used-game tech, is the Used Game market harming the industry?

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jakerocheleau2015d ago

Interesting discussion, I don't know if I can agree but these are good questions. I still love my classic SNES and I don't know what I would do without retro/used game shops.

Well eBay I guess...

2015d ago
ronin4life2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

That's just it: a battle between retailers and publishers. A battle PUBLISHERS started. Why is that important? Because it shows what the intent behind its starting is; to wring more money out of retailers and wrest more control from consumers(meaning more return for less output.)

The industry hasn't been harmed in the least by the naturally occuring recycling effect(and that's exactly what it is) of the used industry. You buy a game and it is yours. That publishers want to have more control over YOUR property is the same as them wanting to have control of your money. Which is rediculous, and why the used market existed in the first place.

If you look at the industry, the only publishers making a stink are the AMERICAN ones: where Gamestop has made a great success of itself. A slice of pie publishers have noticed. And they want it. They aren't hurting; they see revenue being made by someone else and they want to take it. Revenue that exists in every other region in pockets, but just happens to be centered around one specific company in America: Gamestop.