DayZ Stand-Alone Release Rescheduled, ‘Closed Testing’ To Begin Soon

Kotaku - The folks behind DayZ say they want to rebuild the game's whole engine before releasing a stand-alone version.

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CaptainYesterday1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Apparently Dean Hall is on Lirik's Twitch stream talking about DayZ standalone he even confirmed it on his Twitter too.

mopground1838d ago

if i can remember from forum posts theyre calling it arma 2.5

RXL1838d ago

really hope the backlash from "War Z" doesn't trickle down to this title.

coolasj1838d ago

If anything it will send good vibes back UP to DayZ. WarZ was/is described as a god awful DayZ ripoff. People may want to see the original.

RXL1838d ago

my thing is just the name similarity..

camel_toad1838d ago

Really looking forward to this since I've never played the mod (or Arma 2).

axerated1838d ago

Glad to hear they're gonna go all out on it, go on dean!

The_Klank1838d ago

Can't wait, seemingly there is only like 500 to 1000 beta invites being sent out. I really hope to get one.

coolasj1838d ago

You probably don't actually want one. It'd have the quality of a pre-alpha build. The testing is most for game engine purposes.

The_Klank1838d ago

Oh, that's a shame, from my understanding I thought it was alot further along then that.

Still can't wait for the release though.

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