Walking Dead Saves Will Carry Over

IGN - Telltale Games' CEO talks about possibilities for season 2 of the Walking Dead game.

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ziggurcat2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

good, because i'll likely get season 2.

Aloren2086d ago

It shouldn't be too complicated, there's not much to carry over...

grailly2086d ago


yeah it seems so, I didn't look at all the other endings, but it seems like it's always the same two characters that survive and the same one that is "missing"(no body seen). Are there several outcomes for lilly?

and there is a binary choice to make for clementine at the end. I'm not sure there are many more choices that would carry over.

CJDUNCAN2086d ago

i hope they add a sprint feature and skip scenes and dialogue button. it's a good game but way too slow

Eamon2086d ago

While I do think a sprint feature is needed, I have to admit that the slow walking of Lee Everet did contribute to the grim atmosphere.

ceballos77mx2086d ago

This was a given, since you give advice to Clem before the end.

hennessey862086d ago

Episode one, I went to start episode 5 and it went back to the beginning :(

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