Four Ways Gaming Grew Up In 2012

Detractors of gaming have often sought to brand it as childish and immature, and even its champions have often had to acknowledge its shortcomings as a relatively ‘young’ industry. However, last year saw some fantastic developments that will help gaming grow up for good. Jacques Voller takes a look at four of the most important.

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Kevin ButIer2049d ago

Journey should be in this list.

SCW19822049d ago

Since when was Spec Ops the line considered a FPS? Get the facts straight if you wanna sound intelligent.

Hoje03082049d ago

Yeah, I stopped reading as soon as it became obvious that the author had no idea as to the meaning of a term he or she was using repeatedly.

shodan742049d ago

Ugh. Frustrating mistake. Apologies - and thanks for pointing it out. This has now been amended in the copy.

porkChop2049d ago

The author clearly doesn't understand what an FPS is, because Spec Ops is clearly not an FPS.

showtimefolks2049d ago

journey should be on this list, seriously anyone who has a ps3 must play journey. its not a game its a experience like none other