Video games, violence, and religious identity

VB - In my final year at Florida State University, I was lucky enough to be able to conduct a bit of research on religious identity and violence in the U.S. I focused primarily on video games since they have and always will be a great passion of mine. The day I turned in my final research paper, something awful happened. At the beginning of our last class meeting, my professor informed us about the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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SilentNegotiator2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

"He told us that he hoped everything we learned in his class about religious violence would help us to consider the circumstances that led to this tragic incident"

I wasn't aware that Sandy Hook had anything to do with religion....

"“What kind of God is this who chooses one sacrifice over the other?” Her answer points a finger directly at monotheism. Schwartz states, “This God who excludes some and prefers others, who casts some out, is a monotheistic God — monotheistic not only because he demands allegiance to himself alone but because he confers his favor on one alone.” Here, Schwartz is making a claim that monotheism’s legacy of violence is directly linked to the language of scarcity that is prevalent in its scripture"

Ah, I see. An attack from someone that doesn't REALLY know context of the scripture. The point of that story was that you shouldn't sacrifice half-heartedly. You see, people view animal sacrifice as barbaric blood-lust, but back then animals were your greatest possession and represented long term enjoyments. But a bundle of vegetables were....well, a bundle of vegetables. A little one time eat 'em up. He did it because he didn't want to give up an animal.

I'm sure there are better pieces of scripture than that for warping into an example of the "other", Wagner.

You can go on about the Crusades, terrorists, and pioneers (the term for supposed right by God to expand/kill natives, I can't think of it - if someone knows what I'm talking about, please remind me), but you'll find that these people simply didn't follow scripture. They took scripture and warped it to justify what they were doing, yes, but they didn't actually FOLLOW scripture.

(Non-traditional Abrahamic follower of the teachings of Christ. Christ's teachings negate a lot of things from the old testament, so don't bother "calling me out" with things like scripture about stoning homosexuals)