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NVIDIA Project SHIELD real-time demo

Watch the real-time demo of NVIDIA's Project SHIELD, announced Sunday, Jan. 6 at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

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journovampire1799d ago
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JBSleek1799d ago

Tegra 4 is simply a beast of a processor. This is when the now mobile processors have surpassed the current generation (in terms of graphics.) This is when I get happy about the possibilities of future mobile devices.

A Tegra 4 5 inch 1080p PSV would just be the most epic thing to come out.

JoGam1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I love the tech but will people buy it? That's the big question.

BlackRock1799d ago

its a cool device if the price is right i'm game but what kind of games will it play can it play anything on PC or is it like consoles what ever games are for the device that's it deal or will it have cross play like steam and ps3 did with portal 2 buy the game you get the steam digital download for the PC and one more thing if it plays Minecraft i'll totally buy.

deadpoole1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I might buy this device after all as for the following reasons.

1. Gamepad is like proper gamepad with L1R1 and L2R2.
2. Second it supports native output and playback of 4K resolution video over HDMI.
3. Games aren't gonna cost fortune like other handheld devices.
4. Longer battery life.
5. Finally the real talent (which are freelance people) will be able to release games without the need of greedy publishers, scrutinizing/micromanaging studios and art hating/color hating/bunch of corporate high level staff who wouldn't know even how to play a game but rules and interferes or restrict talented skilled geniuses from bringing some new ideas in the gaming industry.

1. Screen ... is it an OLED/LED/LCD???
2. Will there be charge for accessing Tegrazone.
3. Latency when streaming game from PC.
4. Will u be able to stream just video games or can also stream video files/audio files???


miyamoto1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

HA! And they say handheld gaming is dead...

Thanks to Android handheld gaming is more alive than ever.

Android is really a great force to be reckoned with for Apple, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

It is a great contender for universal gaming standard.

Yodagamer1799d ago

Tbh It's not really that impressive to me of course it's gonna beat hardware from hardware for 7 year old technology. Granted it's nice, but not exactly surprising that it is.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

It really is a beast. They played a 4k video from android store.

Also here is Assasins Creed 3 streaming from pc.

If there was anything I like about wiiU it's gaming anywhere in my home and continuing my game! But with pc quality!!

But also it has 24hr battery life. At 0:23 those are extra batteries(the yellow thingys) for gaming sessions.

Full conference.

This thing just needs the right price.

HaMM4R1799d ago

Also, I was just thinking, that if the screen cant go back any further than it looks to be able to, it will be really really awkward to use

SilentNegotiator1799d ago

LOL! You think Tegra4 is more powerful that 7th gen consoles?

JBSleek1799d ago

The ability to play native 4K video and much more and are you surprised that it can beat seven year old technology.

SilentNegotiator1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

4K android games or streaming 4K? Because either way, who CARES?

nukeitall1799d ago

I fail to see how Tegra 4 surpassed anything, when it is simply streaming the result of a PC?

How does that make Tegra 4 a beast of a processor?

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ziggurcat1799d ago

this video isn't a real-time demo of anything.

Mac is OK1799d ago

It's a real time demo of a 3D render of the handheld...
They did say that this demo was made using Unreal Engine 4.

Dlacy13g1799d ago

totally misleading. This is not a real time demo of Shield. It may be a real time demo of their processing but it totally misleads the viewer on what you think you are going to see.

SilentNegotiator1799d ago

Ummm.....well, they showed it to be people in time that was real, so uh.....

Nah, I've got nothing. It's a CGI teaser with simulated images.

jeenyus1799d ago

This video is a lie. Just a nice close-up of the damned thing.

landog1799d ago

this thing is going to be so freaking cool, keep it under $300 and day one for me, its android so it will run all emulators too, play gba, ds, ps2 games on it (only ones you own so you don't go to jail, or live life as a filthy pirate)

plus, pooping and playing far cry 3.....awesome, ac3 while waiting for wife by the door (sometimes thats 10 min or more after she's "ready" to go)

also, the developer potential for this is great

i'm excited for this, ps4, steambox (just to see it, have a beast pc, don't need it) and xboxnext and what the wii u has to offer in the future too!

urwifeminder1799d ago

Nvidia no thanks every spammy add in pc games makes me never want to buy their products.

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