Weapons of Mass Disruption #3: How and Why Consoles Will Die

Kotaku - Many people (me included) have been saying publicly that they think the ‘console'—dedicated hardware designed primarily for gaming—is on its way out.

I used to keep a list of famous developers and executives who shared my view, but it got too big to maintain.

Anyway, here's just two that you might care about: David Jaffe and Hideo Kojima.

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SilentNegotiator2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

That's ridiculous, Kotaku.

Onlive already failed miserably and only avoided bankruptcy because one of the old investors came back to throw money at it.

And WHY did Onlive fail?
1) No one wanted to pay a subscription, which would have helped pay for expensive rendering servers (if you didn't know, they ORIGINALLY planned to have a sub, but pulled back when it got such negative reception for it)
2) They didn't make anything cheaper and gamers want cheaper when they aren't getting anything physical because there is a perception of less value.
3) Most people can afford a console, which adequately does its job as a gaming device, and with much more reliability.

Then there's the lowest common denominator factor. Physical hardware reaches people without internet (or good enough internet) and believe it or not, that still represents a very substantial amount of people interested in playing games.

Even in the theoretical future when fiber cable is everywhere (The year 3066 at this rate), physical hardware will still do things better and more reliably.
Story Quality? > WTF?
Like this website? > No

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Console gaming will die by popularity.

Everything needs to be accessible to grandma and 12 year olds.

Console only have a few horror games and then..
"EA thinks Dead Space was too scary to be single-player"
to scary to who? The casual gamers.

How many stealth games? MGS? Splinter cell is a fast paced action game.

Howe many hardcore tactical shooters on console?
-1? Besides the one valve(pc company game?)

I am glad pc has a higher cost to keep the dopes out.

COnsoles will grow actually but not because it's getting better for long time console gamers.

All this money grubbing make console a lemon.

Only a handful of devs are great now a days and innovation is limited.

Hicken2018d ago

Data Point- Systems are sold at a loss, but eventually start to bring in profits. Not all companies do this(as evidenced by Nintendo only now having such a console), and the turnaround tends to be more than enough- in most cases- to make console making a desirable option.

Data Point- What's the purpose of this one? There's no context on when the systems became profitable, so saying WHEN a large number of the systems were sold is pointless. In all likelihood, both systems were profitable, even at the price cuts mentioned. The 360 almost certainly was, and I believe the PS3 was, as well.

Assumption- It indicates nothing. Is that what all the late sales of the PS2 indicated? Did you even research the sales trends of previous generations to see if this was true, or is your assumption based on just the information that fits what you want people to believe?

Data Point- So what? A growing number of console owners also drive cars, too.

Assumption- Again, ignoring what contradicts your claim in order to make your case. The vast majority of games games people buy consoles to play are not readily available on tablets and smartphones, and those few that ARE don't have the same quality. Not to mention: motion controls. I may not be a fan, but plenty of people ARE, and there's not a single tablet or smartphone capable of providing a Wii, Wii U, Move, or Kinect-like experience.

Data Point- Hardly even data. Of course, mobile gaming companies are gonna try to target "mainstream" gamers. Why wouldn't they want in on more money? But there are question that can arise from this, too, such as: have they reached market saturation already with casual gamers?

That this is written by someone who works for a mobile gaming company means the article reeks of confirmation bias.