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PSA: Adobe Gives Free Photoshop Tools – Game Devs, Get Yours picks up on some interesting news for aspiring game developers (and fans as well). Right now, Adobe is giving away their Creative Suite family to anyone who registers a free account. This includes programs like Photoshop and Illustrator for $0! Get these indispensable art tools right now and start making games!

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Daavpuke1805d ago
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3GenGames1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

For all these tools, the open source equivalents are ahead of nearly all these tools. Plus, any aspiring developer should stay as FARRRR away from Adobe as possible. What a waste of time really.

Ghoul1805d ago

Haters gonna hate.

Just because its commercial doesnt make it any worse then Opensource.

You CANT survive in the Industry without strong knowledge in Adobe Software Suites. Photoshop is a great Tool and IF you want to have some chance int he industry you have to learn it. simple.

If you want to become a professional Designer or Artist you cant ignore em.
Sure i use tons of other Tools Free and Commercial, but you need it in the Industry.

using it for 20 Years now

Daavpuke1805d ago

And this is a hassle free way to get acquainted with it, for future use. Simply in the sense of unison, I'm sure it's good to have some Adobe knowledge, just like Windows isn't necessarily be the best OS, but it will probably be a uniform topic addressed in just about any game development part.

nukeitall1805d ago

How many big game developers use open source?

Point being, you learn the tools the industry uses and Adobe is pretty much standard. Nothing annoys me more than a guy going all creative, uses his own tool and sends me a file that I can't open or is horribly incompatible.

For your own personal use or for software you know is widely used, OSS is just fine. Adobe is pretty much the standard, and I wouldn't waste my time with others.

3GenGames1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

None, because the companies get huge discounts/free products because they're that company. And Adobe is a standards for what? Graphics editing? It's not like that's really hard to be knocked out of, it's not something that's tied to a real proprietary and hard to change format like IEEE standards, hahahaa. But still, Linux is standard for any real graphics work (Pixar runs 100% Linux machines for their big-time animations.), and do you see any Photoshop on Linux? I don't think so. Gime a standard is a joke. Standard for all middle-of-the-run companies. Real companies have either 1. Proprietary Software, or 2. Customized software from OSS. Anything paid is just like saying "I need this tool, I don't need it to be nice, I just need it."

bigbearsack1805d ago

I agree with Ghoul on this one. I like Adobe, but its still good to know open source software as well. You never know if you're going to be pitted with a situation where you don't have access to your own software.

SonyNGP1805d ago

A free legit copy of Photoshop can be pretty handy for my art stuff c:

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