Beyond:Two Souls To Take Place ‘Beyond’ America

Quantic Dreams plans on releasing their next game/movie, Beyond:Two Souls, later this year and to no one’s surprise, it’s one of the most anticipated games of this year.

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stonecold31720d ago

why is 360 tagged on here its ps3 exclusive game?

waltyftm1720d ago

lol at disagree, or do they know something we don't.

Enemy1719d ago

Sony published/Sony funded. Sorry, guys.

Can't wait to see the improvements they've made to the engine. Heavy Rain already looks uncanny.

I do wonder if David Cage played Ghost Trick and saw an opportunity to expand on the concept.

hazelamy1719d ago

and didn't sony buy Quantic?

Ezz20131720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

i pitty the dude who give you disagree

HBK6191720d ago

Ohhhh damn son, the game is called Beyond and things will be happening BEYOND America. SNAP!!!!!

sandman2241720d ago

Cool. I wonder if they're using a weaker engine for this game?

Riderz13371720d ago

"In an interview with Shack News, Cage discussed the much-improved engine powering the follow-up to Heavy Rain, which will push the PlayStation 3 in new ways. He admitted that it would have been easier to just reuse what was built for their last project, but thankfully, Cage believes that he’s too insane to go that route."

Yourworstenemy1719d ago

She knew they weren't using a weaker engine, she just wanted a bit of attention!

Quiescent1719d ago

are you the weaker portion of your brain to comment that?

StrongMan1720d ago

Another great PS3 exclusive. Day one.

Acquiescence1720d ago

it gives the narrative a more adventurous feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.