Grand Theft Auto V: 5 Things We Would Love To See

WC - The Grand Theft Auto franchise has rarely failed when it comes to giving players a unique and immersive video game experience. Whether it’s on the dank streets of Liberty, working the suburbs in San Andreas, or beneath the Miami-inclined sunshine of Vice City, these games work because of their astounding attention to detail. With Grand Theft Auto V on the horizon, we’ve been thinking lots lately as to how Rockstar are planning on hitting it out of the park for the fifth time.

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SteveQuinn1898d ago

I would love to see a female protagonist too for a change considering its not only men that play these games. Also if they decide to have hookers in this game then we should be able to have men too....for the females who play this, and for the men who feel like experimenting.

SolidStoner1897d ago

wtf......? I hope that was a joke dude! :)

steve30x1897d ago

I would love car modding and the ability to buy or take over buildings like in GTA 3