IGN Podcast Beyond, Episode 33

It's Gonzo podcasting at its finest as Greg grabs a handheld recorder and takes Podcast Beyond to the Game Developers Conference. Roper, Jeff, Ryan and a plethora of IGN celebrities are along for the ride as Greg takes you into the PlayStation Lounge, the Microsoft Keynote, the Prototype party and Ryan's beard. If you've ever wanted to hear some crazy antics and poor audio quality, this is your podcast. Download and enjoy.

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Iamback3949d ago

I listened all episodes of this podcast and this has to be the worst one of those 33! I stopped at around 30 minutes in it, so boring pointless, unprofessional....
First 10 episodes were great, from than its been worse and worse by each podcast episode.

Dark-Angel093947d ago

I thought it wa pretty funny. Quality was bad, but it wasn't terrible.