Top 10 Snow Levels in Video Games

SA writes: We're all in the middle of winter anyway, so how about we look at the 10 best snow levels?

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DasTier1993d ago

Hmmn the ones stat come to mind, Assault on the Control Room from Halo:CE, there was quite a clever level on MW2 and the Hoth level from Star wars Battlefront.

GiggMan1993d ago

I approve of the Battle of Hoth from Shadows of the Empire being number 1. Classic.

Pozzle1993d ago

I'm noticing a lack of Freezeezy Peak from Banjo Kazooie.

ziggurcat1993d ago

and i'm noticing a lack of uncharted 2...

PygmelionHunter1993d ago

I say Metroid Prime's Phendrana Drifts, Shadow Moses Island from both MGS1 and MGS4, mithril from Golden Sun, the snow levels from the Donkey Kong Country series and a lot more should've made it into the list! But hey, I guess I should make my own!

Yeah, Click Clock Woods during winter was also one of my all time favorite!

Ness6191993d ago

Ugh these websites and their stupid video articles. Not watching

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