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Global Weekly Chart, Ending 29th Dec 2012

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 665,304 (-40%)
2: PS3 - 599,500 (-22%)
3: X360 - 421,815 (-48%)
4: WiiU - 238,530 (-39%)
5: Wii - 202,795 (-39%)
6: PSV - 144,349 (-29%)
7: DS - 143,498 (-46%)
8: PSP - 84,803 (-37%)

Worldwide Software:

1: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 447,173
2: (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 433,305
3: (X360) Halo 4 - 357,019
4: (Wii) Just Dance 4 - 349,317
5: (X360) Far Cry 3 - 282,236
6: (3DS) New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 253,838
7: (PS3) FIFA Soccer 13 - 243,423
8: (PS3) Assassin's Creed III - 242,777
9: (X360) Kinect Adventures! - 216,358
10: (PS3) Far Cry 3 - 215,534 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Shanks  +   932d ago
great numbers for the PS3! 599 US dolla *cough* 599 thousand consoles sold!
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Godchild1020  +   932d ago
Shouldn't it be great rumored numbers for the PS3? It's nice to see the Vita above the DS and PSP for once in this rumored global charts.

The PS3 and 360 are holding up strong for the last week of 2012. I can't wait to see how they have done for the first week of 2013.

NPD should have those numbers out soon as well and MS & Sony afterwards.
GribbleGrunger  +   932d ago
These are the only numbers that matter, but unfortunately, post Christmas and for the rest of the year, they get very little traffic. It's a very good year for Sony, having outsold the 360 so far this year by 1.4 million (probably by 1.7 by March). It's also interesting to note that this weeks PS3 numbers have more than wiped out the last three weeks for the 360, and whilst the 360 usually outsells the PS3 by around 700,000 units for those 6 weeks, it only managed 200,000. It will probably be back to 1.6 in April.

I'm being very conservative here because I have no idea what sort or spikes the exclusives will bring. If they perform well, it could be around 1.2 in April. Don't bother with the maths, these numbers are 'thereabout-ish' :)

Godchild, you do know that VGChartz eventually figure in the NPD numbers, along with Media Create/Famitsu for Japan. They are guestimates based on certain retailers during the month though. The European numbers probably get adjusted when the numbers come on that Nintendo use... can't remember the name of the company responsible.

At the end of the day they're not that far out, but I do agree that they are only estimates most of the time. Hopefully they rectify the undertracking of PS3 and the overtracking of the 360 on Black Friday (going by official company numbers). They still haven't done that yet, but eh, I'm not going to gripe about that.
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GribbleGrunger  +   932d ago
For those who wish to disagree, here is a breakdown of sales figures (after adjustments related to OFFICIAL information) yearly for that ever shrinking gap. Note How the 360 price drop in 2008 gave the 360 a 7,393,256 lead but was swallowed up the following year.

2006: 6,727,759
2007: 6,685,256
2008: 7,393,621
2009: 4,556,165
2010: 3,572,437
2011: 3,261,709
2012: 1,809,663 (not fiscal year)

This is why PS3 owners get frustrated when 360 owner keep on saying that gap has always been the same. The American and UK numbers won't inform you. Only the Worldwide numbers will. This is what PS3 owners have been saying for years. They haven't been saying it would catch up in [insert year] they've been saying 'it's catching up'.

At some point it WILL eventually catch up and this is probably the year. If not, the gap will be so minute it would be pointless to argue. Both consoles would have done remarkably well and it would then be a matter of which company keeps their promise of a ten year lifecycle (remember MS also said that for those who wish to say it doesn't matter because next gen is coming).


It clearly mattered to Microsoft so let's not call the race over when it suits you.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   932d ago
Race is over when next gen starts...and next gen started with the release of the WiiU.
SIdepocket   932d ago | Trolling | show
Ezz2013  +   932d ago

lol at you both
this gen is over ..said who?!
wow so we have the new ps/xbox consoles now (the ones we have no idea what they are or if they will even come this year or next)?? and more important did they stop making ps3 and xbox360 ...did they stop making games for both maybe for xbox but ps3 have a long list of exclusives this year ??!!
and who's the public that ps3 lost in their eyes .. ?

and also you are still looking for vgchartes numbers as real numbers ? lolXD

you guys claim all you like both of you are wrong and live in your own bubble
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Urusernamesucks  +   932d ago
Hey listsen, you can be as crafty as you want. but we all know your full of it, you earn those disagrees.
rainslacker  +   931d ago
Have the console manufacturers actually released official numbers for 2012 yet though? We're only a week into the new year, seem like we'd get those later. Yearly numbers can't usually be figured until you see quarterly sales, and I haven't seen the last quarter released yet. I believe MS is still in their last quarter for their fiscal year, while Sony just started it's last quarter.
zu4G  +   932d ago
now Vgchartz is not Lying..
Anon1974  +   932d ago
That's the problem. Who knows? Without any legitimate data to compare it to, how on earth do we know if these numbers are accurate or not? We don't even know how VGChartz comes up with these numbers or when, if ever, they're adjusted and against what. That's the problem, and VGChartz in their own terms states that they don't stand behind their own data.

Historically, VChartz has proven grossly inaccurate when compared to NPD numbers or official data released by each company, especially when it comes to figures outside of the US and software figures are all over the map. But they're a fan run site run by an ex neogaffer who was banned for forcing his BS numbers down everyone's throats. What should we expect? I have no doubt the PS3 is ahead again, but that's looking at the official data that's been released so far. I don't need VGChartz to tell me that. It doesn't matter if they say the 360 is ahead, the WiiU is ahead, or the PS3. You just can't trust them.

And before some joker posts a link to that one time I posted an article from VGChartz and calls me a hypocrite, read the article. It was news related to EEDAR analysts talking NPD sales data and had nothing to do with VGChartz guesstimates. I don't simply condone data from this site when it suits my purpose and my posting history will attest to that. VGChartz is not a reliable source for sales data, it doesn't matter what they say.
morkendo23  +   932d ago
why people still buying 360 i dont get it????
nothing is free harddrive,online service,batteries for controller.

ps3 all of that is FREE!!!!!!!! PLUS BLU-RAY free!!
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   932d ago
Huh? Bluerays Free?
Rumplebumpkin  +   932d ago
He just means that you've got yourself a game console and a blu-ray player in one.
ItsTrue  +   932d ago

I don't think that is what he is saying. Saying something is 'free' and 'all in one' are completely different things.


You have to realise that nothing in the world is free.
iNathan  +   932d ago
360 and Ps3 stills selling this much is impressive
Both will sell over 80m with ease.
r21  +   932d ago
Hopefully one day, one/both of them will get past the wii's numbers.
Kingofwiiu  +   932d ago
Taking them Considerably longer to reach that number....
sikbeta  +   932d ago
Now with Wii-U out, I'm not seeing how the Wii will be relevant in a couple of months, meanwhile PS360 will have price-cuts to make room for the new consoles from Sony+MS

Think of the PS2 situation after the PS3 launched
sandman224  +   932d ago
What else choices do gamers have to pick from. Please don't say wii u.
WeAreLegion  +   932d ago
The Vita is slowwwwwwwwwly making its way up the list. Lol. Just a little bit more every week.
Killzoner99   932d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Ulf  +   932d ago
The PS3 has smoked every other console, when it comes to revenue invested by users -- great numbers, at a greater price, from day 1. Pretty astounding job by Sony, getting people to buy premium hardware like it was discount stuff.

Now if only they could turn that into profit! I expect next gen will be a good turnaround for them, even if the next PS isn't the mightiest hardware.
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Just a shame all that revenue has yet to translate to an actual overall profit for SONY.
Interesting tidbit, according to vgchartz archives, when the PS3 launched, the xbox 360 had only sold 18 million games. Today vgchartz have that game at 94 million units.
If the ps3 truly has more unique users due to xbox 360's high failure and replacement rate, those users buy far less games than their 360 counterparts. . .According to vgchartz of course.
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Oh_Yeah  +   932d ago
You have to remember that alot of people buy a ps3 just for a bluray player/media streamer...that's one of the biggest reasons why it shows less game purchases for ps3. And just the fact it has a bluray player and no yearly fee to access Netflix like xbox...the ps3 will outsell the 360 soon and continue to do so.
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Oh_Yeah  +   932d ago
Why would someone disagree with what I said? I know some people arnt fond of logic but cmon..alot of non gamers buy ps3 for blu ray and Netflix.. Also alot of gamers buy it just for exclusives...360 is mainly bought by gamers for just games..So of course the ps3 will surpass it in sales.. But game sales?...they're gonna be lagging behind the 360. Think logical people.
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rainslacker  +   931d ago

That may have been true for the first couple years of it's life-cycle when it was just cheaper, and actually better, than a standalone player. However, for the past 3-4 years stand alone Blu-ray players have been significantly cheaper, and often better, than a PS3(even after price cuts). Currently the average Blu-ray player is between $60-150.

Also Netflix, along with almost every streaming media service, is commonplace in current stand-alone players. It's plastered all over the box, and on shelf displays. Even the most basic models provide some sort of streaming and Smart TV service integrated into the machine.

Attach rates in 2010 for PS3 were 8.1. For 360 they were 8.8. I don't have data for 2011. In 2010 there were significantly more 360's sold through than the PS3. Because the attach rates were roughly equal, it means that more software was sold for 360 due to there being more systems out there (disregarding any other issues of multiple purchases by RROD, or whatever).

I haven't been able to confirm that PS3 attach rates have surpassed 360 ones, like some sites were claiming in 2011, so I won't discuss those.

The point is though, that roughly the same percentage of people that use these systems buy roughly the same percentage of software for those systems, rendering your argument invalid.
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josephayal  +   932d ago
i would love to see the Wii U dominating the charts
LOL_WUT  +   932d ago
Won't happen not until they drop the price or they release a good game. ;)
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Yet again I am baffled as to how the console which is repeatedly said to have no games, manages to outsell every other console on the list in terms of software sales. Heck this same game-less console is the only one with an exclusive title (2 actually) in the top 10 worldwide! How is this possible N4G?
Also, Gribble, how many times are you going to tell us that the Europe numbers are the least popular or worldwide numbers don't matter the rest of the year when ps3 is ahead or blah blah blah? You say the same stuff at almost every vgchartz article, we got it, thank you. You can chime down about it now.
room414  +   932d ago
360 is a more popular console for children so generally does better in the christmas season. Ps3 sells better the rest of the year.

This is just vgchartz though and they could be way off especially when it comes to software.
Urusernamesucks  +   932d ago
Kinda Hypocrittical thing to say since the ps3 and the 3ds sold more this christmas, lol!
room414  +   931d ago
The last 3 weeks leading up to christmas the 360 has outsold the ps3. Now that christmas is over and people are done buying presents for children the ps3 rises to the top of the home console market again.

All year the ps3 sells significantly more hardware and software then the 360 then the 360 sells better during the holidays. How would you explain the big boost in sales the 360 gets this time of year?
Rumplebumpkin  +   932d ago
No need to troll.
Good numbers all round for the end of the year.
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justlikeme  +   932d ago
WOW, according to Vgchartz the PS3 sold ~4.8 million consoles in a little under 2 months.. WW Sales of PS3 according to Vgchartz on November 10, 2012 = 68,313,471.
According to Sony, PS3 reached the 70 million mark on November 4th, 2012. Would like to see what Sony's official numbers are. My investment in Sony at $9.70 back in early December is looking mighty good!!
mwjw696  +   932d ago
LOL please tell me you did not put money in Sony stock? Playstation is only a small part of Sony. Infact its one of the only profitable parts too. To bad Moblie, and TV departments are sucking away those profits like a fat girl sucks down cake.

That money is gone...
k-dillinger  +   932d ago
Please you don't read a lot huh Sony mobile is currently #3 ww for phone behind Samsung n apple these are the big 3 phone company's that actually make money and also # 3 in TV which are very diffecult to make money for anyone but are very close between lg in sales n ps3 is currently at #2 sales world wide in sales So i guess u didnt get the memo
mwjw696  +   931d ago

Guess you did not get the memo, sales dont matter for shit if your profits are in the dump. It does not matter that they sell, they dont make profit. Look up how poor Sony stock has been since the recession. Im not doing it for you. Its tanking and fast, but there is no bright future For Sony. Leagon of fanyboys or not.
TheEnigma313  +   932d ago
These sales from ps3 and 360 are stalling next gen from releasing. I'm not complaining, but MS and Sony keep moving units like crazy.
Zefros  +   932d ago
False numbers... again. As of now, both ps3 and 360 is 70 millions.When both microsoft and sony announce their numbers, they will be official. until then this is roumor.
modesign  +   932d ago
hope the 360 enjoyed beeing above the ps3 for the few weeks, since that wont happen until next years black friday.
Urusernamesucks  +   932d ago
Hows the future looking?
memots  +   932d ago
How is this not top of the page already? It's vgachartz people...

Ohhh wait its not North America numbers that's why...
AWBrawler  +   931d ago
Cough Nintendo cough
xursz  +   931d ago
What about them? 3DS doing great, Wii U in desperate need of a price drop.
AWBrawler  +   930d ago
so selling nearly 3 mill already means it needs a price drop? what kind of logic is that. only console that sold faster than that at launch is the Wii

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