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Submitted by Crazyreyn 1127d ago | news

'Crysis 3' not coming to Wii U due to lack of "business drive"

Crysis 3 won't receive a Wii U version, it has been confirmed.

Despite being a "possibility" last year, CEO and founder of Crytek Cevat Yerli said "there is no Wii U version" due to a lack of "business drive" between publisher EA and Nintendo.

"There has been discussions between Nintendo and EA and Crytek, but the bottom line is that there is that there's not enough business drive in it," he told Digital Spy.

"It's a purely business decision. I'd love to see it on Wii U, but what I love to see and what gets done at the end of the day are two different things. Even so, I could initiate it but someone has to sell it, right?"

Yerli added: "It's a business decision between EA and Nintendo. If that business decision doesn't make sense, or seems to not make sense for them, it's... not possible for us to make it. We can't publish ourselves, and that's the bottom line." (Crysis 3, Crytek, Wii U)

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Godchild1020  +   1127d ago
That sucks, this would have proved the power of the Wii U.
dazzrazz  +   1127d ago
It still would be a shoddy port just like most of the 3rd party titles on this console so far
decrypt  +   1126d ago
"this would have proved the power of the Wii U."

Irrelevant, Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

Wii U will be fine.
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neoMAXMLC  +   1126d ago
Like a broken record...

I suppose PC gamers don't care about gameplay then.
kevnb  +   1126d ago
console gamers care about graphics right up until the moment a pc gamer enters a thread. They also can tell huge differences between xbox and ps3 versions, but are blind to the pc version.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   1126d ago
It's not that we don't care about graphics, it's just not the main thing we care about. I prefer smooth gameplay over jaggy, pop in, and framerate drops any day.
Kingofwiiu  +   1126d ago
Screw you , then it shouldn't be on Ps3 then.

Assassins creed 3 on wiiu - Native 720 , it isn't on Ps3
CoD on wiiu - The good looking version , the ps3 version is horrible
Mass effect 3- Much more stable than the ps3 version
Trine 2 - Graphics dramatically improved over 360 and ps3.

What makes you think it would end up so bad ?

Even fifa on wiiu has seen key graphical improvements (although a couple of features are missing) the Grass looks way more realistic and so does the crowd...

With a little effort , crysis if it were on wiiu would destroy the 360 and ps3 versions..
DeadlyFire  +   1126d ago
Its based on the sales of the system. Even with it selling at a decent rate and all. There is still a small percentage of folks shopping for a WiiU FPS at the moment with only 2-3 Million WiiUs sold so far. Maybe 1.5 Million at most could be interested in a FPS at most. Possibly much less than that.

2014 it could happen, but 2013 I doubt it. Something like Warface though could potentially come to WiiU as its entry level is free. So they wouldn't have to worry about who is buying it as it will live for however many years they push it to live towards.
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kevnb  +   1126d ago
I doubt it, unless nintendo really wants it and pays for it.
rainslacker  +   1126d ago
Probably more because that "business drive" was EA wanting their Origin DD store to be on the Wii U which Nintendo refused.

Crysis could sell pretty well if it came out before the rush of software really starts to come in.
DOMination-  +   1126d ago
This sounds like EA are already deciding the WiiU isn't worth it.
herbs  +   1126d ago
Here are some unbiased opinions (rant) for the extremely biased N4G audience.

1. The Wii U is slightly more powerful than current gen overall with some weaknesses.
- If you think your PS3 is more powerful you are a fanboy.
- If you think the Wii U is way more powerful than a PS3 or an Xbox you are a fanboy.

2. Nintendo consoles are for Nintendo games and Nintendo gamers.
- Nintendo has not had great third party support since Snes.
- If you still think the Wii U will have great third party support your lying to yourself just like how Nintendo lied to you about winning back the hardcore.
- The Wii U will not be getting many ports from the next gen consoles because the Wii U is in a generation of it own.

3. The Wii U is a mixed bag of good and bad hardware and design choices.
- The Gamepad is great on many levels, if you think it needs multi touch your stupid, if you think it's to heavy your a bitch.
- Wiimotes are still great when implemented properly and add variety.
- The Pro controller needed analog triggers! how the fuck is Nintendo going to properly port GameCube games that had this feature and why doesn't it support Virtual console games.
- The speed of the OS is strait up unacceptable, especially for a Nintendo product.
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1126d ago
Ha ha, wii u is lame!
2EHO  +   1127d ago
Well this pretty much proves the EA Nintendo fallout Rumor. Sad as the developers wanted to make it happen but the publisher didn't. I see this happening a lot next gen with Wii U.
animegamingnerd  +   1127d ago
i think i know why the EA and nintendo fallout rumor might be true is cause i hear none of the wii u launch games have no online pass and every DLC for the system yet has been free makes you think since EA does a lot of bad things with DLC and of course this could also mean no crapcom games since they get turned by pissing off games with BS uses of DLC
DivineAssault  +   1127d ago
Isnt the wii u supposed to have all kinds of core game support? smh i knew it wasnt.. If i was the man with the money, i too would see it as a risk of not selling well there.. People who want to play games like this already have consoles to play it on.. I doubt wii u is the only choice for people..
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Hingle_Mcringleberry  +   1126d ago
Many say the same about the Vita but they get lynched for it.
jmc8888  +   1126d ago
It already has 'all kinds of core game support'.

Some people can stare at an elephant and pretend it isn't there. Wii U has more core support than the 360 did when it launched.

People who want to play games like this, already have consoles? people that had xbox didn't need the 360 since they already had a console to play games like that?

Since they already have 360 and PS3 then why the need for 720 and PS4?

The fact remains that people who game, buy new consoles, new PC gear, so on and so forth.

I'll tell you what I've played exactly 0 matches of Halo 4, why? My xbox 360 is wonky and the game locks up before I can even get into a match. I'm sure lots of people would rather play on something else, and the Wii U or PC give them an alternative to the 360/PS3's age.

Am I going to buy another 360? Hell no. If need be I'll wait until the 720 comes out to play Halo 4.

Lots of people own 360's and PS3's, but it didn't stop them from building or buying a much better computer. Won't stop them from buying a Wii U. If you like Nintendo games. If you like a system that will have years of support ahead of it. If you like a gamepad. If you like free online service. If you like numerous other things, then the Wii U is something people will purchase. Especially if price or reliability is a concern.

You are right about one thing, with the Wii U being a new console, the install base is low compared to 360 or PS3 and thus for Crysis 3 (a low selling title) won't come out on the Wii U unless Nintendo gave them the money to offset the port costs somewhat basically.

It's something that happens. Crysis 2 lost money and didn't sell very well. Within a couple of months the PC version became pretty hard to find quality matches. You can still find some, but the pings are horrible, and the number of games is very few.

I preordered it on the PC anyways, since Crysis 2 looked amazing on my ATI 5850 and currently GTX 670.

But hey, the PS4/720 will have that problem as well, not just the Wii U. (where the PC version is stronger than any of the consoles).

Overall though, Crytek like other mid-major developers this first year have to make a determination of whether or not they want to put out games for a new console. Not all are wall street darlings, and don't have the cash to take the plunge early. They need a big enough install base to make their money back.

This too will affect the PS4/720 as well. Just like it did PS3/360. There were quite a few games (especially Playstation) that only came out on PS2, even when the 360 or PS3 were out.
jmc8888  +   1126d ago
The same $$$ issues will appear for PS4/720 games, though because it's Sony and MS, some will feel it's their duty to take the hit if they can. So I see maybe a few less holdbacks, but there will still be some.

I can easily see the generation transition taking out developers as their install base is splintered. Make it for PS3/360 or Wii U/PC/720/PS4? Dev's have already prepared us by saying the first couple of years they'll still be focusing on games that'll work on both. So expect many 720/PS4/Wii U games to be up rezzed games with a few extra things thrown in. But yeah it could be really difficult on the smaller devs.

Some devs might hit it out of the park, while others, maybe spend alot to bring the game to PS4/720/Wii U and not sell many copies, not because the game is bad, or the consoles or bad, but because when you spend more money on a game and sell it to an audience that might be 1/20th as big, then you should expect 1/20th the sales or thereabouts.

These big budget games are used to 50-100 million consoles on two platforms (so 100-200 million) + PC's to be sold to. But early on those games might be relying on 10 million Wii U's and 1 million 720's and another 1 million PS4's. As you can guess 12 million isn't 200 million. So expect some games held back and others bankrupting a company. Though there will be successes too, and might make a company or two as well.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1126d ago
"The same $$$ issues will appear for PS4/720 games"

Nah xbox & ps4 will make a bigger splash. The casual hold ninty had seems to be over based on what is being seen.
delboy  +   1126d ago
Who cares,Craysis is a medicore franchise.
A graphic benchmark, nothing more.
Yangus  +   1126d ago
HeroReborn  +   1126d ago
Totally agree there is no depth to game, nor do I care if anything I think they missed a opportunity to show a different direction in the game by using the wii u pad
torchic  +   1126d ago
it's not about the game's content, or how great it is but rather a statement of intent from Nintendo. they promised hardcore, so putting one of the hardcore titles of the year onto the system would've proved a lot.

development of Crysis 3 probably began while Nintendo were talking to devs and publishers about putting software onto Wii U, so there was definitely a window of opportunity for Nintendo to negotiate a Wii U version. so for no Wii U version to happen is, well.

and this is just the start. Ken Levine was on the freaking E3 video talking highly of Wii U and not even his game is coming to Wii U.
NintyJazz  +   1126d ago
This is a problem. We need to start glorifying "hardcore" and "triple A" titles as if they mean something. Objectively Crysis is extremely generic. There are many other third party titles I'd rather see on Wii U. This is partly why games have been at a creative stagnation for a while. Because we consumers fall for these marketing terms so easily, even wanting a shallow game on a console in order to prove something.
Norrison  +   1126d ago
It wasn't when it was a PC only game, crysis 2 is a mediocre game and not even a graphics benchmark without the dx 11 patch
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1126d ago
This is going to be a problem for Nintendo this yr and definitely beyond especially when PS4/720 arrive. Publishers don't think it's worth porting over. This is like the Wii to a certain extent all over again.
delboy  +   1126d ago
Well I don't think so.
It the WiiU sells good, and reach a big user base,say 50mil in two years.
It's not impossible,publishers won't ignore it.
And unlike old wii,WiiU has enough power to run ports of ps4 and nexbox,it will be easy to scale down.

But a N console ist first and foremost for exclusive games,and if we get some ports thats good,but it better be good ports or peoples won't consider buying it.
Why should they buy a third party game when it's running like shit,when there are great looking and great performing first party games with exceptionaly great gameplay too.
yfwiuysdfiou   1126d ago | Spam
sandman224  +   1126d ago
I guess I'll be ok. Because we all know it would've been a port. I'm sure grandpa box 360 was the lead platform for this game. We know its always holding ps3/ and now wii u back.
PS4isKing_82  +   1126d ago
Who cares. I bought my wiiU for the amazing new HD Nintendo made games. It may sound cliche but I absolutely can't wait for a new smash bros., star fox, Mario galaxy, zelda and hopefully wave race, pilot wings ,and more. All those games finally in HD is gunna be an amazing experience. Ill have my shiny new ps4 for my 3rd party needs.

Next gen is all about the wiiU/ps4 combo!!
Smashbro29  +   1126d ago
Bingo. It's all about the first-party, the last time someone could honestly make the Nintendo console their main one was the Gamecube.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1126d ago
It is still possible. EA and Nintendo just might farm-out the WiiU development to another company.

That happens a lot with ports to new Hardware.
2EHO  +   1126d ago
They are gonna have to raise more franchises from the dead a la bayonetta 2 for their core gamers... And the industry have a meltdown in the process.
HeroReborn  +   1126d ago
I think it's a opportunity missed by EA the Wii U is a great platform for devs to expand on there ideas. For those who think the console is underpowered take a look at two games Rayman legends demo and the Arcade game Trine 2. This is coming from a person who is primarily a Xbox player
LAWSON72  +   1126d ago
Very well said.
Jadedz  +   1126d ago
It's an honest excuse
I hate the, ''herp, derp, terrible cpu'' excuse. From a business standpoint, it doesn't really make sense.

I hope Nintendo's taking notice, though.
Crillvirus81  +   1126d ago
Who didn't see this coming wii u just came out all these games coming out in the next few months will skip the wii u cause they were in devolpment already now if this is still going on next year then we got a problem plus who's to say wii u can't get a port of all 3 some special trilogy down the line plus I think ea and the rest are just waiting for there to be more sales of wii u before they announce anything
DOMination-  +   1126d ago
The difference with this though, is that Crytek have been bigging up the WiiU for a while, and Crysis 3 was pretty much guaranteed to release on the console. Some on here were even suggesting Crytek had an exclusive in development, such was their love for the machine.

But who knows, this sounds like it was more the publishers decision.
jmc8888  +   1126d ago
I believe Nintendo should of done some more to get this game out. This was the type of game (unlike CoD) which actually has top notch PC graphics which could have helped differentiate the Wii U from the 360/PS3.

But at the same time, after reading many devs saying it takes almost no time to get a game port up and running no the Wii U, it gets a bit murkier.

Seems to me that Nintendo knows that the added dev costs aren't too much to get it going on the Wii U, whereas Crytek is trying to get some money so they can assure themselves a better shot at profitability.

So it's hard to say who is at fault. But it's definitely understandable given it's a game in the early cycle of the Wii U, and that the game was in development before the Wii U dev kits were available.

Though seeing how Crysis 2 lost money for Crytek and EA, I can see it being more of a necessity to engage in actions that are profitable. So Crytek might be between a rock and a hard place.

It's hard for a dev like this. In an era of devs going under, who knows what sort of a leash EA has them on?

Crysis 2 was one of those games that if they weren't backed by EA they might have gone under. I loved my PC version of Crysis 2 multiplayer. Was really fun and looked great with all the add-ons.

So it's hard to fault a dev from wanting some money to offset potential losses for a Wii U version which only has a couple million units sold worldwide versus close to a couple hundred million for 360/PS3 combined.

Though I see this cropping up for PS4/720 games as well. I expect to see a few devs publishing PS3/360 games even if a PS4/720 system is out. Just like some games came out on xbox/ps2 even though their successors were already out. It's just what happens the first couple of years regardless of what company makes a console. They need an install base to justify making a game.
Ritsujun  +   1126d ago
Crytek didn't wanna say they''re too lazy to further 'downport' CS3 to the weak 'new' console
deadfrag  +   1126d ago
Stupid comment,it only shows you dont know shit,read!From what i can understand from Yerli comments its obvious that EA was expecting that Nintendo would self publish Crisis 3 on the Wii U,it most likely dont going to happen because EA surely wants some royaltys still,and nintendo didnt go with it!Nintendo is still building the gamer base on the Wii U,it dont make sense neither release the game yet , and also be the publisher and still pay EA some kind of royaltys because they help Crytek on the cash flow for development of Crisis 3.Get it!
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corrus  +   1126d ago
Face it Wii U is not powerful enough even Crytek to make Crysis 3 for Wii U will looks bad maybe worse even than Batman AC Armored Edition
nutcrackr  +   1126d ago
It begins. Third party studios abandon ship. EA published ME3, NFS: MW and FIFA 13 on the Wii U. They know how well their games sell and the answer is not very well.
Darth Stewie  +   1126d ago
The Wii U will be like the Gamecube and Wii great 1st party support with a few 3rd party exclusives but majority of 3rd party devs/Publishers will focus on the upcoming 720/PS4.
metroid32  +   1126d ago
WiiU has lots of games in development rumoured and confirmed so who cares plus with Nextgen versions of Mariokart/Metroid/Starfox/Mari oWorld/Smashbros/Zelda ect and games like Beyonetta2 and as good as confirmed BGAE2 in ONM plus that racing game Nintendo are making to compete with Forza ect not to mention 3rd party games in development using RetroStudios new GameEngines WiiU gamers have nothing to worry about plus we know these games will have Nextgen gameplay and 60Fps.
KMCROC54  +   1126d ago
Way to spin it & stay positive of your purchase. Bravo
jmc8888  +   1126d ago
Way to not know your history as this happens with EVERY console.

Guess you were too busy doing whatever to realize this happened with PS2/Xbox games when the 360/PS3 were out.

I.E. the games didn't come out on the new consoles because it would have cost a lot more to make them AND there wasn't a huge install base.

People just don't understand that if you make a game for 50 million dollars, you need to sell a couple million just to break even. If every person with that console buys the game, and you still can't breakeven, then certain games, no matter if it's on a Nintendo machine, or Sony, or Microsoft, won't get certain games.

I have a 360, PS3, a Wii U, and an i7 920 @ 4 ghz GTX 670 PC. (note the last one didn't keep me from buying a weaker Wii U, nor will it keep me from buying a weaker 720 and PS4).

So remember your history. Realize reality. Game makers want to make money, so many devs have to make games on platforms where they will make money, and new console generations are times when game devs are hard pressed to make their money back.

Crysis 2 lost money. EA wants a payoff to make it happen, Nintendo so far has said no.
DwightOwen  +   1126d ago

Picnic  +   1126d ago
It'd possibly eat in to the Metroid Prime market when that surfaces. And it possibly doesn't look like a very Nintendo game. The Gamecube tried that tactic with Eternal Darkness and it did not result in commercial success. Altough the Crysis series may be better selling, it's not an exclusive. There's no guarantee that most people wanting to play it now wouldn't already have it on PC, PS3, Xbox360.
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KMCROC54  +   1126d ago
Will you win some of the time & then you lose. Que sera sera
wiiulee  +   1126d ago
lol what a lie, alot of the games not coming is simply because they were in development for awhile or as developers say, they want more time to take advantage of the gamepad, but here goes a hater spinning things to feel better about his day
chukamachine  +   1126d ago
3rd party games are not big sellers on Nintendo hardware.

The only game that seems to defy that logic is MH.

Assassins creed 3 on wiiu - Native 720 , it isn't on Ps3
CoD on wiiu - The good looking version , the ps3 version is horrible
Mass effect 3- Much more stable than the ps3 version
Trine 2 - Graphics dramatically improved over 360 and ps3.

I've played them on all 3 systems, Wii u does have an edge in some respects and in others it does not. COD does not run at 60fps on wii u.

Trine 2 is nothing special, neither is mass effect 3.

But your still comparing very old hardware with the WII U.

PS4/720 will swallow up the WII U.
metroidfusion2  +   1126d ago
Do you have sales numbers of each 3rd party game because if you don't shut up and yes the games are ports and are launch titles lol they will be better in some or a lot of things and worse then others and the system is just starting just likr a lot of other consoles we all have to give it time to see what it can do damn stop crying and wait and do you know anything about the 720 and ps4 besides rumors and stop assuming this and that all 3 consoles are/will be doing native 720p and 60fps and native 1080p and 60fps and yes the wii u already jas 10 native 1080p and 60fps games and if you don't know the games then do yo research so just like everyone else who is expecting to see what all 3 consoles can do maxed out we will have to wait and the wii u is getting a port from the ps4 and 720 or vice versa its called HUMAN ELEMENT look it up its coming in 2015 and I'm sure the wii u will be getting more ports and there will be many surprises for the wii u
stuna1  +   1126d ago
punctuation is your friend!

OT; The WII U is next gen! Being it is the next iteration in the line of Nintendo consoles.

How people perceive it as far as power goes, that's up for debate.
As far as this gen goes, all consoles have received games that others didn't! And not because they were exclusive to a certain console either.

I for one am willing to give the WII U a chance, once I can fit it in my budget.
quantae06  +   1126d ago
EA is still pissed at Nintendo for rejecting the Origin deal. Nintendo didn't use Origin as their main online network. EA needs to lay off.
NYC_Gamer  +   1126d ago
EA is terrible in my opinion..But they are one of the biggest publishers around and Nintendo really needs EA 3rd party support.
NirvanaInChains  +   1126d ago
Am i the only one that remember gun and tony hawks wasteland for the xbox 360 launch?? LMAO. Imagine if you could solely base the 360s whole career off those few launch games. What would you think of that system then? Chill people you could of said the same thing for the 360 as alot of people are for the wiiU. Go get a pc or wiiU or wait for microsoft and sony to get there stuff together.
LOL_WUT  +   1126d ago
If Nintendo doesn't take the initiative then it's going to be the Wii all over again with no 3rd party support. Hopefully Nintendo is paying attention.

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