Why We Need... Independent Developers

Nathan Manning, of Analog Addiction, discusses why the video game industry needs Independent Developers.

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TongkatAli2020d ago

We need them cause we see the same milked games over and over again. Thank you Journey and Sound Shapes.

NathanM2019d ago

Sound Shapes! I completely forgot about that gem! Thanks for bringing that one up.

Welshy2020d ago

Good read! I 100% agree that we need indie developers to balance the industry, as much as i love my huge AAA titles like Gran Turismo, Halo and Uncharted, you can't beat a little £5 game that does something a little different and puts a little unexpected smile on your face. That's what gaming is about after all!

Journey was easily one of my top games of 2012 and managed to outshine multi-million $ games in sales, enjoyment and originality for me.

I hope to be developing games one day, and am in the process of learning animation, so it gives me a sense of excitement as a person that i can make a huge impact in gaming without having to aim for the skies and find a place in the Naughty Dogs and Rockstars of the industry.

Long live original gaming and small talented dev teams! =D

Flandy2020d ago

But Journey isn't an indie game :l It was funded by Sony

Welshy2020d ago

It's an independent studio that had a contract with Sony. They operate by their own rules with no authority imposed on them by Sony other than they wanted 3 games.

Having a game published by someone else doesn't mean the game isn't independently developed by a relatively small team then sold on just like any other indie game.

By your logic none of the indie games on Steam are "indie", because Steam are a big firm who publish for them.