CES 2013: Nvidia press conference live blog Live

Check here for Nvidia's latest announcement at CES.

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majiebeast1239d ago

So far a giant snore fest with photo shop skills. 7 series or gtfo.

LOGICWINS1239d ago (Edited 1239d ago )

Do you have some personal beef with Nvidia or something? Uve been the first to comment on virtually all of these articles. Surprise surprise, all your comments happen to be negative. Relax a bit. No ones forcing you to get least I hope not.

DERKADER1239d ago

Shield looks like an instant fail.

ritsuka6661239d ago

Just like the "OUYA" both devices will fail HARD.

DeadlyFire1239d ago

idk. This thing brings WiiU's remote playing to the PC audience. Say you want to play a computer game while laying on the couch. Now possible.

Tegra 4 is more powerful than OTON, Ouya, and Gamestick Andriod devices. So its a plus on that note.

SnakeCQC1239d ago

any word on the first tegra 4 devices and when their eta are?

DeadlyFire1239d ago

Mid 2013 or later.

Vizio is releasing its product 2nd half 2013. So I expect most others to follow suit. May-July most likely they will begin shipping.

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hongthay1239d ago

Shield looks very interesting. Wonder what the pricing is going to be. I like the fact that it will stream Steam. Steam and PlayStation are my only two gaming platforms.