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Nvidia's GeForce Experience auto-optimizes gameplay

CNET: Nvidia double down on PC gaming with a brand-new tool for detecting your best settings. (NVIDIA, PC)

majiebeast  +   872d ago
Yeah because pc gamers who own 800$ pc's dont know how to optimize the gfx of the games they buy...
tachy0n  +   872d ago
keep in mind some games on PC dont allow you to optimize graphics because they are poorly ported.
SilentNegotiator  +   872d ago
Well....Automatic is always quicker. In theory.
cannon8800  +   871d ago
I have a gtx 670 ftw edition and when i click on the automatic option it usually selects low to medium settings on games. So that stuff doesn't work very well for me. It also happens to pretty much everyone.
SilentNegotiator  +   871d ago
Well, of course if it doesn't work, it doesn't work and any potential benefits go out the window.
2pacalypsenow  +   872d ago
This actually lets you get more juice and stuff that takes lots of research to find out Out of your games and does it for you im loving it so far . And plus this has been out for almost a month now
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nukeitall  +   871d ago

"Yeah because pc gamers who own 800$ pc's dont know how to optimize the gfx of the games they buy..."

What about us that don't want to *spend time* tweak settings and resolving compatibility issues?

For many of us, we barely have time to play, let alone time to mess around with a PC. Yup, many of us has outside obligations and responsibilities.

Baffling? I know!
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iistuii  +   871d ago
If your telling me you haven't got time to change a few settings yourself before you play, then maybe your better off with a console.
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nukeitall  +   871d ago

It's not as simple as a few settings. The difference between a great experience and relatively poor experience is indeed in knowing and testing the settings. That's of course in addition to all the other compatibility issues.

Although PC gaming is often times way better graphically, and console gaming cost more, I still prefer console.

Each platform has it's own issues, but I certainly welcome this and would make me more likely to choose PC next time I pick up a game.
NYC_Gamer  +   871d ago
It's always good to have options.This feature would help PC gaming new comers who don't have much experience playing games on the platform.
OcelotRigz  +   871d ago
Yeah, like me. Im new to PC gaming and although i know a fair bit about the graphic settings and what the usual tweaks are now, but that took a lot of reading around the web from me and anyway a lot of games seem to have their own little separate tweaks that improve performance.
A tool like this would of been, and still would be, handy to have.(Even though i have an AMD system)
I personally feel PC gaming is rising big time and i notice a lot of people migrating, so more tools like this will ease the transition.
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ginsunuva  +   871d ago
Or some people with a not so powerful pc want to make the game run. If you have a beast machine, you just put everything on high. No need to think.
Somebody  +   871d ago
If it can help get more gamers to the PC (those who really wants to join but fear the daunting task of tweaking something that they don't understand) then, why not?

A system that helps beginners while still allowing enthusiasts to pour liquid nitrogen onto their expensive cards : it's a win-win situation.
Rhythmattic  +   871d ago
I Still bet it'll never optimise the hardware as much as trial and error with personal choice...

Just like its always been.
stubbed_out  +   871d ago
Why all the hate? It's not like Nvidia aren't enthusiasts. As it currently stands, I completely agree that most enthusiasts will have to tweak towards their needs but if it came to a point where Nvidia could nail this, it would save so much time for those of us that don't want to spend the 1st hour of a game worrying about performance. Not enough gaming time as it is these days.

Combining this with the Steam big picture would be brilliant.

Another idea, build yourself an absolute monster of a rig and just set everything on high, done.
talisker  +   871d ago
It's so sad they've demoed their technology with a 6-year old COD engine. Out of all those PC games, some of them with really advanced graphics. WHY?

Well, I know why. It's just sad.
JasonXS12  +   871d ago
Got it when it released a few weeks back, no suppport for Core 2 Quads. Really helpful.
RedDeadLB  +   871d ago
They'll get there. It's only in beta for now.
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sourav93  +   871d ago
Though this'll be a stupid, I'll ask it anyway. Is there any possible way to use this with AMD cards?

Edit: If not, is there a similar tool I can use for AMD cards?
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deadfrag  +   871d ago
No!AMD cards have diferent specs than Nvidia ones.....!
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sourav93  +   871d ago
Yeah, I kinda figured. Does AMD provide similar tools? Or a third party software perhaps?
pandehz  +   871d ago
I am using GEforce experience beta and lemme say that its shite.

They have a bunch of games on their profiles and I happen to have some.

So heres how it works:

It scans ur pc for what game u have, in my case I picked skyrim from my game list and chose to optimize. The game ran well but it looked really bad. I went into geforce experience to check what settings it tweaked and dam lol it tweaked render distances, aa, anisotropic filter etc. All of which are quite important for the beauty of the game.

My comp ran the game fine before, now it runs a bit better but takes a huge hit in quality.

If they really want to make this work they need to have user options combined with automation.

For eg:

Lets say they let us pick what frame rate we are trying to achieve. Lets says you want 60fps constant then the game will try to get to 60fps as much as it can by tweaking everything down. But what if I already get 48 fps in the game and after this automatic tweaking I get 75 fps and the game looks crap? Now i want to shave off those extra 15 frames and get back some quality. The tool does not allow any of this anyways but just saying that it makes rather extreme decisions. End user customization is way better.

For a game like Skyrim it takes a few minutes of trial and error and then u are at peace with urself for the next 100hrs. For the moment self customization wins.

For geforce experience to succeed there needs to be options for a midpoint. Some user input mixed with auto settings.
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urwifeminder  +   871d ago
AMD for the win.
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