Connecticut town to burn violent video games in wake of Newtown shooting

A Connecticut community is to hold an amnesty of violent video games in the wake of last month’s mass shooting in Newtown.

Organisers Southington SOS plan to offer gift certificates in exchange for donated games, which will be burned. The group, a coalition of local organisations, says its actions do not assert that video games were the cause of the killings in nearby Newtown, but argues that violent games and films desensitize children to “acts of violence”.

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Abash2021d ago

How disrespectful to all the developers who logged in so many work hours and missed spending time with their families and special occasions to meet deadlines and create those games

Nitrowolf22021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Makes you wonder though, how many parents are gonna end up burning THEIR child copy of Black Ops 2 (or any other violent game), the very same one they got them during Christmas or just because they wanted it. I know anyone can join in, but the majority of them will probably be parents with children, and most likely is a game they probably bought. Kind of makes you think if they should be blaming videogames for something they bought for their kids, but hey of course no one likes blaming themselves and would rather pin it on an object.

By the way, I'm terribly sorry for the events that happened, but how exactly is this helping the families?

ShadowKingx2021d ago

damn, i should take a ride up there just to get free gams, catch them before they are thrown in. lol

calibann2021d ago

Um, shouldn't they be burning guns?

morkendo232021d ago

i think they should do both burn guns and violent games "call of duty" type games.

calibann2021d ago

-Call of Duty.

-Violent video game.

Pick one.

DeadlyFire2021d ago

WTF is wrong with you.

Why would you burn a gun?

A knife, fork, baseball bat, Rock, water, rope, and many other things can kill someone.

Blaming a gun for killing someone is ignorant.
Blaming and burning a book/movie/video game for a violent crime is even more ignorant.

Sad day for humanity. I thought humans were more evolved than this, but I was wrong. Ignorance is everywhere.

ravinash2021d ago

If you burnt a gun, wouldn't the bullets go off?
Then the guns really will be killing people.

TheBlackSmoke2021d ago

@deadlyfire (lol)

Because guns are designed to maim and kill, its the primary reason for their existence.

No one can rampage through a school killing people indiscriminately with a brick or a fork.

Infact there was a knife rampage in china in december also. and 22 people were injured, INJURED being the key word.

There's no excuse for guns in a civilised society, this aint the wild west no more.

If anything they should at LEAST ban automatic weapons. There's literally no excuse for uzis and assault rifles for "self defence". It sound's kind of messed up, but if that guy only had access to handguns the amount of dead would of been much lower.

TheFinalEpisode2021d ago

Isn't burning a violent act?

Cueil2021d ago

@TheBlackSmoke The primary purpose of Gun is the US is probably hunting, but the reason it's a right to own a gun is for you to actively defend or in the case of a government removing your rights the ability to over throw a tyrannical government...

xander707692021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


Please educate yourself. Automatic weapons ARE illegal, and the shooters did not use automatic rifles. The AR-15 is a SEMI-AUTO rifle. The only major difference between an AR-15 and your standard hunting rifle is that the AR-15 is black and has a tactical rail, which means it LOOKS scary, and LOOKS like an automatic rifle, but it is NOT. Had the CT shooter used his handguns he would have killed the same number of people just the same. In fact, hand guns account for exponentially more deaths per year in the US than these rifles that are being so demonized by an ignorant public that can't even tell the difference between a semi-auto rifle or fully-auto rifle, nor does the public even have a clue as to what current gun laws are.

LAWSON722020d ago

They should burn the guns and black ops2 and give everyone far cry 3 or halo 4 so they can play an actual good shooter

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ArmrdChaos2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

This was done long ago in Germany...with books...and out of the same behavior... Fear and Ignorance. It's so much easier to point the blame at something other than ourselves. It is sad that with all of our advances, the human race has yet to mature as a society.

They could have just planted trees on the school property on behalf of each person lost...far more positive and lasting message.

Kamikaze1352021d ago

I feel very sorry for the families and friends who lost somebody in the incident. It's a tragedy, yes, but burning games isn't going to prove anything. Gaming as a whole wasn't responsible. Perhaps poor parenting was and video games is an easy scapegoat. If you allow a video game to manipulate you to do something like this, you have some serious mental issues.

prototypeknuckles2021d ago

everytime i hear about this stupid event, i always think okay how does this help the families, what they need to do is send compensation to the families that lost someone instead of stupidly blaming videogames, news flash but if you let your 6 year old play call of duty and theres a big M on the side then your a bad parent.

christheredhead2021d ago

The entire aftermath regarding this situation is embarrassing. Such a tragic event overshadowed by complete idiots making a fool of themselves. Everyone wants to push blame on someone or something outside the issue, like games and movies.

They should be mourning the loses of their loved ones and taking care of each other, instead we have trivial displays of symbolism. We even have newspapers publishing the addresses of gun owners within the area out of spite. Completely disgusting and shameful.

2pacalypsenow2021d ago

I see another shooting with the headline (Kid shoots parents for selling his Xbox 360/Ps3 and games)

DeadlyFire2021d ago

Woah man they are talking about burning things in this article. Don't you mean for burning and destroying his/her X360/PS3 and games.

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