The Drop: New Releases for the Week of January 8th, 2013

This week, the fan-favorite franchise Earth Defense Force goes portable with EDF2017 Portable on PS Vita. The notoriously unforgiving Demon’s Souls comes to PSN, so you can download it straight to your PS3. Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns hits PS3 at retail (for just $29.99). A number of Dora the Explorer PS2 Classics make their way to PlayStation Store, and a few other gems round out this week’s update.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

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Godchild10201993d ago

Can't wait for that Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego.

My PS3 is ready!

Y_51501993d ago

This feels like the Hannah Montana PSP again! XD

GenericNameHere1992d ago

I agree with one guy on the blog! We need a "Dora The Explorer HD Collection"!
Who wouldn't want to see Dora and her cousin Diego in glorious HD? To see the landscape, the clearer Spanish dialect that Dora and her cousin always talk in, and the backgrounds all in HD, so we can find objects better and faster, and so Swiper The Fox (again, in glorious 1080p HD graphics) don't swipe our stuff.

Do a "Dora The Explorer HD Collection", and I bet Sony that the PS3 sales will skyrocket!

Godchild10201992d ago

It also has to be Move Compatible. And if they make a 360 version, Kinect compatible.

1992d ago