Would You Rather Have The Last Guardian On The PS3 Or PS4?

Everyone has been waiting for this bad boy to hit the PS3. It could really help cement the machine's legacy. But would you rather it launch on the PS4...?

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GribbleGrunger2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I'd personally like to see it on the PS3. Although it would make a great launch title for the PS4, it would likely sell less than 250,000, but if it was released on the PS3, it would probably hit 1,250,000 easily. I've also got a feeling that we'll still see some big first party titles in 2014 for the PS3, so if this was amongst those, it would be a great last first party line up for the PS3.

sinncross2047d ago

as long as it plays well im up for either platform.

TheBrownBandito2047d ago

I still think the PS4 will be with us in 2013, so I'm gonna plump for next gen. If it's true that technical limitations have been instrumental in the delay, it could be the sensible thing to do.

wishingW3L2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I'm gonna buy a PS4 day one so it's irrelevant to me if it comes for PS3 or PS4 because it will be an awesome game anyway.

DarkBlood2047d ago

it doesnt matter to me so either way is fine

smashcrashbash2047d ago

I'll take it either way.I just want it in my hands.

AngelicIceDiamond2047d ago

The PS3, the time and effort they're putting into I'm sure is immeasurable. Besides Sony announced it 3 and half years ago. And honestly since they announced it, I'm still expecting on their current gen console.

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