Trivia Pixels! Episode 1 – Mass Effect

Trivia Pixels is a new video series that drops facts about the production and in universe lore of your favorite video games. The first episode will feature gameplay and cut-scenes from the first Mass Effect. Learn about Liara’s dirty secret and tid bits surrounding the Rachni Queen on this episode of Trivia Pixels.

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futurefrog2021d ago

I like capsule computers they are a good capsule. This video is awesome Mass Effect gets 10 capsule out of 10 :D

Ryder492021d ago

Nicely done video. Cool to learn some of the facts behind Mass Effect, especially for that CGI video they did.

ZacE2021d ago

Ah, takes me back...

masterabbott2021d ago

Love this trivia thing on Mass Effect so many interesting tid bits of information that i didnt know about the game especially liara!! lovin it. Cant wait for the next Trivia Pixel episode!