13 Games You Shouldn’t Expect to See This Year

iGG: At the start of each year, gamers around the globe cross their fingers in hopes of playing the games they’ve been waiting to get their hands on for years. We’re here to bust your bubble and say that these games probably won’t be released in 2013.

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dboi7872047d ago

Umm, wut? Where the hell is Last Guardian on this list? Clearly fishing for hits. Ridiculous.

iXenon2047d ago

I guess if steering away from the obvious and doing research for the entries is "fishing for hits" then yeah...

morkendo232047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Umm, gave up hope for games i played since 2006/ gaming community filled with FPS,MMO now.
I know Crash bandicoot not on the list but rather be enjoying it now.

trickman8882046d ago

You say you "steered away from the obvious", yet you included FF verses?


2046d ago
Abash2047d ago

I dont agree with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX being on the list, the English VAs are already there and a lot of the translations are already done from the English versions of the PS2 games. It should be in NA/EU in the Summer or Fall the latest

SeekeroftheDawn2047d ago

Yeah, it looks like KH 1.5'll make it through. But seriously, I don't think we're ever going to see Versus XIII. Only in dreams.

iXenon2047d ago

The thing is, the English VAs were in KH Final Mix back in 2003 or whenever and that never came to North America.

Abash2047d ago


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix was a re-release with some bonus continent and changes, KH 1.5 HD ReMix is the remastering of KH and CoM and PS3 which is a console the series has never been on before. It'll definitely release in other regions for series exposure

Nitrowolf22047d ago

yea its missing a few, and of course they want hits on the site, but I fail to see how they are doing it in a bad way that would be considered "fishing" (like writing an article meant to anger people)

iXenon2047d ago

Aside from Last Guardian, what do you think I missed?

Nitrowolf22047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Beyond Good and Evil 2 (IDK if its cancelled, but I thought Ubi confirmed it wasn't)

Half Life 2 Ep 3

Final Fantasy Type-0 It released in Japan in 2011, doubt we'll see anything about localization considering the PSP current support.

Prey 2
reported to be cancelled only to be confirmed as halted.

I know THQ cancelled its work on the project, but from what I understand the rights went back to Guillermo del Toro. Could possibly start work with another studio, either way I know the title wasn't gonna be released until 2014

Just some I could think off the top of my head

1nsaint2046d ago

Nah those sites that are fishing for hits are the ones that make you click next all the time.
This list was all on one page and i only saw 1 ad, so imo not really fishing.

Besides, they did some research when the games where revealed and last shown.
So pretty decent article imo

360ICE2046d ago

How do you fish for hits by leaving something out in a list about "13 games you shouldn't expect to see this year"?

Also, you didn't mention ice cream in your comment. Fishing for agrees?

deno2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Probably never coming. It's getting the duke nukem and shenmue 3 treatment. Sadly of course.

Beastforlifenoob2046d ago

Thank God I hope we mever see another milked finaly fantasy XIIIIXXIXIIXIXIXIIXIXIXIIXIXIX IXIXIXIMDC

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BitbyDeath2047d ago

Damn, didn't know South Park got pushed back.
Was looking forward to that.

e-p-ayeaH2047d ago

Ground Zeroes not this year...i miss MGO dammit.

Xristo2047d ago

You could probably add The Elder Scrolls Online to that list.

jakmckratos2047d ago

WHy is south park on this list?? It's release date is not even 2 months away.

ZeekQuattro2047d ago

Probably because THQ is in financial trouble. They filed for Chapter 11 recently and unless something changes soon they will run out of funds. I'm just guessing though.

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