Pay Attention to Cyberpunk 2077

4Player-"What can we expect from Cyberpunk 2077? If history and Projekt Red's previous work is any indication, it'll be a heavily story driven game with deep RPG elements that are not entirely sacrificed for any console counterpart which may arise. This was the beauty of The Witcher 2. It was one of the few RPG's we have today that did not eschew classic RPG elements for modern streamlining and accessibility. It stuck to those roots like the Overly Attached Girlfriend on a one-night-stand, and delivered an experience rivaled only -at least in that department- by games such as Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls."

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fermcr1993d ago

I hope they release it in 2013. It would automatically become one of my most expected for 2013.

-MD-1993d ago

It's actually looking like a 2015 release. This game is still very very far out.

They have an unannounced game that's further along in development, everyone assumes it's Witcher 3.

Blackdeath_6631993d ago

well...i think i can wait for 2015. i don't mind it when games are delayed or take long to make as long as it means that the developers have the time to make they game the best it can be.

ScubbaSteve1993d ago

Well, the graphic says 2077 so we still have a long wait ahead of us.

joab7771993d ago

I agree. If cdprojekt is making it, sign me up. That and witcher 3! Though w3 should b next gen.

ApolloTheBoss1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Futuristic Open-world RPG? My GOD I can't wait to play this damn game!

CaptainYesterday1993d ago

I forgot all about this! When I first read about it I was excited that a game like this is being made can't wait to see some gameplay :)

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