Sony’s Used Game Patent Could Also Include the Next Xbox

GOS: "Sony issued the patent first, so of course all eyes are now on them. The next Xbox and PS4 was rumored to block used games last year, but no real evidence has surfaced of Microsoft‘s next generation console containing the technology to do so. If Microsoft wanted to block used games on the next Xbox the company wouldn’t have to look very far."

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MultiConsoleGamer2053d ago

It's funny because people claimed the Next Box would block used games. Then the chairman of GameStop strangely made a public statement that it definitely would not.

Meanwhile, a rumor spreads that PS4 will block used games and GameStop's stock goes tumbling down.

Something is up.

GribbleGrunger2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

What's up is that Gamestop's stock went down BEFORE this announcement but the media took the opportunity to link the two events.

animegamingnerd2053d ago

they're the media they pull crap like that all the time

bakasora2052d ago

Time to invest more on steam.

animegamingnerd2053d ago

i bet the chairman of gamestop lied to calm the storm if he or she knows anything about the next playstation and xbox is that they exist and release date

nukeitall2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

The only thing up is unfortunately this article!

I doubt Sony or MS will be blocking used games. It would severely hurt them. It was bad enough when Sony dropped BC and Linux support so I doubt neither of them would do something as stupid as this, especially at launch.

Anyone of them try this and I will drop them like a freaking hot turd!

DeadlyFire2052d ago

this is just a renewal of the Online Pass system for Sony products already in place I bet.

Sony originally filled this in 2006 and renewing in 2012 possible to add PS4 to the end of the patent.

Saigon2052d ago

Based on the complaints of the developers...I doubt this is false. Most devs hate the fact they cannot make money off of second hand sales. They don't like the fact that this issue exist. I can understand especially if you look at it from a pharmaceutical stand point. Would you as a customer want to use needles and syringes another patient used. No...And its not about profit. This helps against piracy, though someone will find a way around it, and many other issues publishers complain about. This move, though sony is taking a bash from it, is something that the industry wants and needs.

nukeitall2052d ago


The industry most definitely does not need it, they probably want it though.

I haven't met a single consumer that think this is a great idea.

"I can understand especially if you look at it from a pharmaceutical stand point. Would you as a customer want to use needles and syringes another patient used."

Really? You wouldn't reuse syringes/needles because once used they can carry dangerous disease that might kill you!

Do used video games transmit deadly diseases? No? Hardly the same then, uh?

"No...And its not about profit."

Really? What is it about then? Good will towards the consumers? Charity for all video gamers in the world?

"They don't like the fact that this issue exist."


"This helps against piracy, though someone will find a way around it, and many other issues publishers complain about."

This scheme will minimally have any impact against piracy and have everything to do with used games.

majiebeast2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

The only way there is gonna be a block on used games is if the big 3 and 75% of the big publishers are on board, i dont see Sony lonewolfing it.

BanBrother2053d ago

Sony could easily pull it off for their first party games, as no-one would boycott them. The problem is the third parties going along with it.
The online pass for Resistance 3 is ana example, except now it would be blocking the entire game.

Tbh, I think this will eventually happen with Sony,MS and Nintendo, but not next gen, as they are both trying to win over the Wii U ATM.

Hingle_Mcringleberry2053d ago

Not sure if Resistance 3 is a great example, it didn't necessarily set the charts on fire. UC3 is a good fit though.


I dare sony, microsoft or any other company to try and pull this off.

see if any of you ever see a dollar of mine ever again.

Thatguy-3102052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Many purchase game at retail price and don't mind. Doubt it will stop them. The majority won't care. Just like when they didn't care when they cut out a lot of the features the original ps3 had. I for sure can careless. It's not like I just buy any random shovelware that I can find at a local gamestop.

rainslacker2052d ago


It may not be that they don't care, it'll likely be that they don't know. They would care when they take that game in to trade it for a new one, or try to sell it on their own, and come to realize that they are stuck with it. The publishers have been doing a lot this gen to restrict (or at least recoup money from) used game sales. However this going into effect is going to have a huge effect on the industry as a whole, and I think the industry is going to be in for a surprise when it doesn't work out the way they are hoping.

GribbleGrunger2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I'm throwing this out there because it seems that no one has thought about it:

Everyone is complaining that if this patent is implemented, it would mean the end of second hand games, loaning games out or taking the game to a friends house to play. What if, when you first put the disc into your PS3, the ID automatically gets associated with your user account -- rather like trophies.

This means you would still be able to take that game to a friends house and play it because all you would have to do is use your account on his/her PS3. It would also mean that replacing your PS3 would not forfeit your right to play that same game disc. It would also mean that Sony could give you a digital copy of the game based on your purchase of the disc. This way only the second hand market is effected. I was going to write an article along these lines but I really couldn't be bothered.

Hingle_Mcringleberry2052d ago

What about when I wanna swap games with my buddy for the weekend?
Also, I'm new to owning a PS3, how do I transfer my profile on to a flash drive so I can go play using it at my buddy's place? And can two people log in at the same time on one console like you can on the 360? I've been trying but just can't get it to work, help me.

slaton242052d ago

no flash needed just go to ur friends ps3 go to create new user and go to where u sign in and then u enter ur infomation in and u r ready...but if u do this u want have room for another system with ur original account only 2 systems can be used with the same account...if u needed a 3rd u would have to deactivate a system or call sony...back when it was 5 systems people gameshared which made sony a little mad cause people would buy games and let other people download it from them and would cause developers to loose with it now being 2 systems its more of a hassle

DivineAssault 2053d ago

sony may sell this tech to devs who make games for em one day.. It might be at the devs discretion whether or not to block the game from being played on another system.. Who knows but not all patents actually get put to use

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