The Walking Dead sales are in; 8.5 million episodes and counting

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead has been a massive critical success this gen and is the top rated game at Metacritic for 2012.

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Double_Oh_Snap2047d ago

Congratz Telltale, well deserved. I absolutely loved TWD season 1 my GOTY for the sheer experience it delivered.

Can't wait to see what they cook up for season 2.

fantasygamer2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Very awesome sales for a great game I'd actually like to see this also brought to Vita and 3DS.

Hydralysk2047d ago

Same, I'm surprised they don't have them on dedicated handhelds already considering you can play it on an iPhone.

GreenRanger2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

That's 8.5 million individual episodes.
If you consider episodes 1-5 as a single game, then it's not as great as they make it sound, because every single owner will have five episodes, which means 1.7 million individual owners.

PopRocks3592047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I think they count it as 8.5 million because you pay for each individual episode. Evidently people liked it so much they bought each one and jacked up the numbers. That's an incredible set of numbers for an episodic Telltale game, regardless of which numbers you go by.

ElementX2047d ago

Not everybody who buys episode 1 will buy the others. I bought the season pass but I'm guessing a few people bought the first episode and didn't like it.

Nerdmaster2047d ago

In Steam I don't think you can buy each episode separately.

ufo8mycat2047d ago

Easily one of the GOTY

I don't care what anybody says. Gameplay too simplistic blah blah blah point+click.

The STORY and CHARACTERS and how YOU CONNECT with them.