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PlayStation 4 Announcement Coming in February? Xbox 720 at E3?

Every time new consoles are on the horizon rumors and speculation hit all time highs. Everyone finds a different reason why this console maker will do this or that and for what reason. What we know so far is both Sony and Microsoft have new consoles in development which are more then likely going to launch in 2013 or 2014. (Dev, Microsoft, Next-Gen, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

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LOGICWINS  +   1052d ago
"Sony has recently announced that they are holding an event called Destination PlayStation that is primarily attended by retailers in Scottsdale, Arizona from February 25th until February 28th. The invitation are said to point directly at showcasing the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita lineup for 2013. Although speculation fueled by the timing of this event have people thinking its the time and place Sony will formally announced their much rumored PlayStation 4."

Ensuring that everyone who is in the market for a PS3 or Vita in the Spring will hold off on buying one and wait for the PS4. Makes perfect sense. Your basically proposing that Sony will shoot themselves in the foot.
Xystence  +   1052d ago
I think both Microsoft and Sony's waiting game will hurt them both in some form or another. Regardless you are correct in your statement!
guitarded77  +   1052d ago
Waiting... what do you mean? They can't announce a new console too far ahead as it affects sales of the PS3. When they announce it will be on the big stage at E3. E3 is the single largest media event in the industry, and if they want to build hype, it will be there. PlayStation Destination is to showcase 1st and 2nd quarter titles like God of War, The Last of Us and Sly Cooper. Business keeps people's eyes on what's in the immediate future.
blackbeld  +   1052d ago
Best move is announce it in Februari and Showcase it at E3 and launch it in the summer to.

We wait long enough. Just launch it before the new xbox.
Kevin ButIer  +   1052d ago
Both statements are valid, but February is too close for an unveil. Still, we should expect some leaks by that time.
guitarded77  +   1052d ago
@ blackbeld

Is Februari Italian for February?
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SynGamer  +   1052d ago
Something Sony should consider is announcing the next PlayStation (PS4?) early Spring, showing it off with playable demos at E3, and then releasing it in August or September. That gives them first out of the gate + an option for holiday bundles a couple months after release just as initial launch hype is starting to die down.

The announcement at Destination PlayStation gives retailers and industry folk official notice of what is coming (in some form, not all details will be revealed) and then E3 is the big reveal + playable demo. Personally, the key here is playable demos for gamers/industry to experience the "next-generation" and then be able to buy it a few months later.
CraigandDayDay  +   1052d ago
They announced the Vita at a special event in Feb. 2011. So, they could very well do so for the PS4/Orbis/Omni. Then show more off at GDC and then a blowout at E3. Then a launch in the Fall.
TheGamerDood  +   1052d ago
I can see it now, they debut it in Feb release it late summer early Fall with MGS5, HD version of LoU, Beyond, UC4, GTA 5, Planetside 2. It would be f**king beast!
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Sarcasm  +   1051d ago
Actualli they are announcing PS3/Vita stuff in Februari, but by E3i they can announce a PS4.
DragonKnight  +   1051d ago
@DK286K: Sony could announce the PS4 today and MS would still fail at E3. They haven't done anything well at E3 for so long I doubt anyone remembers the last time they had a good showing at an E3 event.
iamnsuperman  +   1052d ago
Also Destination Playsation isn't new. Is it the 12 or 13th year of it????

If I was Sony (and I was doing a PS4 reveal at E3) I would unveil some big stuff there and then have a smaller show for the PS3 and Vita at E3 (Vita having a bigger one than the PS3)
Xystence  +   1052d ago
I actually agree with everything you just said. That would be a smart move!
UnholyLight  +   1052d ago
Well apparently they haven't done it in a while now so No it's not an annual thing like E3
MoonWheel  +   1052d ago
I disagree because e3 is a much bigger event and they need to show the ps4 there and not waste the opportunity.
DeadlyFire  +   1051d ago
PS3 and Vita titles will be shown off here at this event for 2013.

PS4 will be shown off primarily at E3 with a small showing of PS3 games and PSVita titles. As well as Vita/PS4 connectivity. Possibly evolved Vita/PS4 interactivity much more capabilities than PS3/Vita.
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Zefros  +   1052d ago
It really depends on WHEN they are releasing the console, if they are releasing the ps4 i summer, they will announce it in february, if winter, they will announce it right before or right after E3.
DarkZane  +   1052d ago
Except Nintendo showed the WiiU at E3 2011, then they showed some more at E3 2012 to release it in 2012.

If Sony and Microsoft show something at E3 2013, it doesn't mean they will release it in 2013.
BitbyDeath  +   1052d ago
Vita being a handheld wouldn't lose marketshare to PS4.
PS3 could unless Sony can keep the enthusiasm going by either dropping the price or driving motivation through their upcoming games.

It's got to happen at some point anyway and current rumours are pointing towards a September release which is not really that far away so sooner it is announced the better.
LOGICWINS  +   1052d ago
Vita is a $250+ gaming console/media entertainment hub. It IS competing with the PS4, portable or not. These devices(PS3, PS4, Vita) are all hardcore HD gaming devices. They are all equally competing for your time and money in this respect.

Most don't have the discretionary income to spend $250+ on a home console and then a week later spend ANOTHER $250+ on a portable console to play on the hour train ride home from school/work(one of the reasons Vita is struggling with pre-existing PS3 owners atm).

When the average person buys a $250 gaming console(portable or not), they don't plan on buying ANOTHER $250 gaming console for several years...since they JUST spent close to $300.

The only company that CAN do this is Apple due to their aggressive marketing and sheep consumers. This is what enables them to have a MacBook(big brother), iPAD(smaller brother), iPOD touch(even smaller brother), iPod mini(smallest brother) all coexist and sell well.

"PS3 could unless Sony can keep the enthusiasm going by either dropping the price or driving motivation through their upcoming games."

I think Sony will bundle the PS3 and Vita for $399 as a counter option to the PS4. This would make all three devices attractive.
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BitbyDeath  +   1052d ago
Will have to agree to disagree.
Handhelds and Consoles have about as much in common as a school bag and a travel bag IMO.

Sure they are both bags but made for two completely different uses, when people go shopping they generally know what purpose it is to be used for. Be it school (console) or travel (handheld).

Thus being two different markets.
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Kingofwiiu  +   1052d ago
Nintendo's biggest threat in japan to wiiu now for the future is trying to not be overshadowed by their own 3DS. Same goes for Sony...
LOGICWINS  +   1052d ago
"Handhelds and Consoles have about as much in common as a school bag and a travel bag IMO."

But if the prices of that travel bag and school bag are comparable, you see where I'm coming from right? Assuming both bags are priced the same, lets say $20.

Wouldn't a consumer feel cheated if they get the school bag, considering that they can get a bigger bag with more space...for the same price?

Your correct in saying that one device is more portable than another, but in the end, both have the same general purpose...which is to carry items.

Lets apply this concept to the PS3/Vita. Both are comparable in price, and although one is more portable than the other..the general use for each is gaming.

"It's like saying "I won't buy ipad if new mac book comes out"

I touched on that in my earlier comment. Apple is an exception to the rule for various reasons.
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BitbyDeath  +   1052d ago

I see where you're coming from but what if the bag is too big for what's required? Maybe the size will stop it from fitting in a locker or just simply make it too unconventional to use due to what it offers?

I'll give you that it may not apply in all cases but for most the consumer should know what they want.
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LOGICWINS  +   1052d ago
^^Agree completely! It really depends on the person to what degree of importance the aspect portability has to the purchase.

What I'm willing to wager(judging from Vita's sales performance so far)is that portability ISN'T a major factor for MOST hardcore gamers.

Personally speaking, I'm more attracted to the Vita for its upcoming exclusive titles than its (portability/form factor)
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1052d ago
"Ensuring that everyone who is in the market for a PS3 or Vita in the Spring will hold off on buying one and wait for the PS4."

ps2 has sold for 12 years and stopped just before ps4 now.. Also why would ps4 have conflict with on the go gaming? Will ps4 do it better?

It's like saying "I won't buy ipad if new mac book comes out"..

Or maybe I don't know sh!t? That could be possible.

I hope they do announce it! That way we can skip the 20 min e3 talk about the history of playstation and get into new games and game play in the beginning instead of a reveal at the end.

I just want to see the games.
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nukeitall  +   1052d ago
"It's like saying "I won't buy ipad if new mac book comes out".."

Both items are competing for your money and your time so yes, that does happen. There is definitely an overlap of market especially due to the pricing being basically identical.

Personally, I was considering getting an ultra laptop OR a tablet, but settling on MS Surface Pro instead when it is released. :)

"Or maybe I don't know sh!t? That could be possible."

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LOGICWINS  +   1052d ago
"Personally, I was considering getting an ultra laptop OR a tablet, but settling on MS Surface Pro instead when it is released. :)"

Same here lol.
UnholyLight  +   1052d ago
Personally I think LOGIC is right. I was always going to go a Vita but then I was like why the hell would I buy that when for the same price I can get a PS3...He's right about Apple though, really is the only company where everyone HAS to have every single freaking product. It's ridiculous. For a guy like myself I chose to buy neither the PS3 or Vita now that it is getting so close to time for the next wave of consoles. Regardless of price point and if the release next to each other I will buy BOTH the PS4 and the Nextbox.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1052d ago
A full blown PS4 announcement in febuuary? Knowing they still have AAA's coming out in the next 5 months? Yeah I doubt Sony would announce such a behemoth.

Destination PlayStation will showcase allot but a PS4 announcement won't be one of them imo.
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fermcr  +   1052d ago
Microsoft's console should of been released last year. The wait is probably going to hurt them in the future.

As for PS4, i think 2013 would be a good year to release it. Later then 2013 would probably be bad for Sony.
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rainslacker  +   1052d ago
Since this is a retailer retreat type of event it's unlikely they will announce anything that big. They will show off exactly what they said they would, as it's what they've done every time in the past. Retail executives don't care about that "OMG...PWN'D" feeling that fan boys do.
Abdou23  +   1052d ago
My PS3 just died, and i have games yet to play, what should i do now? Timing couldn't be worse.
cl1983  +   1052d ago
Buy another used cheaply.
RedDevils  +   1051d ago
SMASH IT! Give it to a homeless guy or sell it on ebay lol

Seriously just repair it (if it cheap enough) you can play it for couple of months, and when it broke down again try play somes on the PC enough time when the PS4 arrive
Autolycus88  +   1051d ago
Eggy weggs... I want to smash them!
ThePUNisher  +   1052d ago
I somehow doubt that anyone who has waited this many years to buy a PS3 will be buying its successor at launch, nor do I see how this relates to the Vita at all.
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showtimefolks  +   1052d ago
while i do see sony atleast talking about their new system before E3, i also see the other side where if they announce it too soon than ps3 will loose some steam and many would hold out for a ps4.

i say at GDC we will most likely hear something, while E3 is the single biggest media event what you want to do is get the news to those who don't watch E3 or come to gaming sites, i say maybe right before E3 get people excited by announcing we will be show casing our new system at E3 so as many people as possible would watch it

also announcing a new system would mean price drop for ps3 for sure, i know sony recently started making money on ps3's so are they in a position to give $100 price drop?

next few months will be fun to speculate
wastedcells  +   1052d ago
Sony has all their big games coming out before E3 so that I think is the biggest sign of a PS4 reveal at E3.
helghast102  +   1052d ago
That changes nothing, they need to announce it eventually, better now than say, Xmas 2013
Gamer1982  +   1051d ago
Although Sony has more games than MS before May 2013 if they dont announce PS4 at destination playstation what they gonna talk about? As there is a still a lack in games after May 2013.. All we know about is 1313 and GTA 5.
extermin8or  +   1051d ago
No this late in the game, people just buying a ps3 wont get ps4 on launch for the price it will cost-the few people like me that need to replace a ps3 etc and are waiting till after e3 if no announcement has shown up... This echo's how they have announced previous consoles and I fully expect at the very least a big tease and confrimation of the device of not a dull reveal....
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TAURUS-555  +   1051d ago
yep..PS4 should be launched before the new xbox.
EliteDave93  +   1052d ago
Doubt it. If anything its going to be E3 2013.
tdogchristy90  +   1052d ago
What If they did what ms did past e3. Do a basic announcement in feb, then a full reveal at e3 with a launch at e3 as well. Kind of like the xbox slim?
nukeitall  +   1052d ago
Sony could, but since this is an event for primarily retailers, it doesn't seem like the right place to announce a new Playstation.

Sounds more like people are just wishy wishing!
Gamer1982  +   1051d ago
Indeed they could do that to build excitement and take some wind out of MS sails coming into E3. However then MS would probably "win" E3 as they would have a new console to announce. I would prefer to see a ton of ps4 games though rather than all the new console features at E3. Unlike MS who will just show us 90% console 10% games no doubt as thats what you do with a console (and kinect)
Y_5150  +   1052d ago
Sounds great to me! Sony announced the Vita during late January if I'm correct so I hope they do an early announcement for the PS4 E3 feels way to far away and less time to hype it up till late 2013. I want to hop on this hype train sooner than later.
SAE  +   1052d ago
The sooner the better for everyone ..

I also hope they announce a remote/cross controle for all the games in ps4 , vita can remote pc games , remote desktop showed that , so it's not hard for vita ..
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TruthbeTold  +   1052d ago
Nintendo officially announced the Wii U at E3 2011. Console companies almost always announce waay ahead of release what they intend, then give time for people to get excited, and for developers to make the necessary games for launch to ensure success.

That being said, I think people need to slow it down and realize, that we most likely won't see a PS4 or X720 release this year. It wouldn't make sense. Especially since their current consoles have been profitable for a shorter time than they were selling at a loss. We'll probably get announcements this year at E3/TGS, then releases in the Holiday season 2014.

I know people don't want to hear that since the Wii U is already out, but think about it. They pretty much can't rush these things out this year. It wouldn't be wise to release them before the holiday season of the following year. It is what it is. So I say, sit tight if you're satisfied completely. Buy a Wii U or PC to supplement your current console experience if you want more variety. But don't expect Sony and MS to rush.

Another year or two, and they might actually be able to release their consoles with the specs people expect, at a price not too much greater than the Wii U. If they rush a release now, you'll either be disappointed, or be paying A LOT, which of course would alienate most consumers, and ensure an unacceptably small install base. Be patient. Nintendo is doing their thing, and they'll be fine. Sony and MS will do theirs, and be fine as well.
CRASHBASHUK  +   1052d ago
or gamescom in eu for ps4 u never know
ExitToExisT  +   1052d ago
They will announce it 3 months after GTA V comes out
tiffac008  +   1052d ago
PS Destination will be for the upcoming games on the PS3 and probably the Vita too. Why announce it on Feb when you can announce it on the biggest gaming stage of them all, E3.
Soldierone  +   1052d ago
Because both Sony and MS jump ahead of E3. If they both announce at E3 then both of them spend the entire conference talking about that. They still have PS3 and Vita to advertise.

Best bet would be a random event happening like they did with the Vita. MS will most likely use Spike TV to show off the next Xbox again. Then both will go into E3 with the ability to further show off games and talk more in detail about it since the announcements are out of the way.

I don't think it happens at Destination PlayStation. This is retailers, not journalists. Normally they just announce "hey look we have a sweet bundle or limited edition paint scheme, who wants to carry it?!"
extermin8or  +   1051d ago
Because E3 has a saturation of gaming news, any big announcement will be watered down by the wealth of general gaming news out of the event far better to have an initial announcement at your own dedicated confrence. The ps4 will ubdoubtably have close links to vita thus an event for games for both and some mention of the connectivity could ultimately boost vita sales
Pillsbury1  +   1052d ago
I think they will announce it close to release date, at E3. Look at apples marketing, they announce hardware and weeks later its out and sells tons when hype is highest. They will make huge hype for ps4 and release it soon after
hazardman  +   1052d ago
I hope so man..
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1052d ago
aNDROiD17_  +   1052d ago
please stop, your just trying to hype us up for nothin
TheFallenAngel  +   1052d ago
Come on sony, I'm ready to pre order my PS4. Also please give us something like Resistance: Fall of Man as a launch title.
Dlacy13g  +   1052d ago
Given all the Sony exclusives we know coming for first half of 2013 are after February it makes ZERO sense they would announce their next console before E3. That would be marketing suicide for all those games and to be frank all 3rd party games on that platform.
dakunclear  +   1052d ago
it makes perfect sense look at god of war release about a year before the ps3 release date and the god of war 2 after the ps3 released so big block busters mean nothing on how a game will sell most people will have their ps3's for about 2months to a 1 year after ps4 release
JohnDread  +   1052d ago
It's incredibly annoying to me, to see all that speculation and question marks almost every day on here. How often can you ask yourself whether or not there might be an announcement at random occasion XY? There is no actual information that can lead to a conclusion. As soon as next gen is the topic, there's a huge amount of speculation. I wouldn't usually mind, but somehow almost all of those (mostly) useless articles get a spot on top.
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jukins  +   1052d ago
Considering Sony usually preemptively announce their games and such prior to e3 its possible but no one will know till it happens
StreetsofRage  +   1052d ago
I would imagine they would do what they do best and show teasers with no gameplay years in advanced....AHEM, LAST GUARDIAN*

Or possibly show fake gameplay footage like they did with Motorstorm. They know how rabid their fanbase is. Some still think it looks exactly like that footage. LOL!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1052d ago
Haters gonna hate.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1051d ago
I am pretty sure it was Killzone 2 that showed a trailer and was told it was gameplay when it really wasn't, not Motorstorm. I could be wrong, it may have been both.
sandman224  +   1052d ago
That will be great news to hear on my birthday. Lets hope Sony gets a head start on Xbox.
Adolph Fitler  +   1052d ago
As long as PS4 launches before years end I will be happy & I don't think it will hurt them. MS have the endless cahsflow to dig themselves out of the hole of a 6 month dissadvanatge, whereas, Sony cannot afford to do that again. Plus, if Sony can get PS4 out with at least a 6month jump on Xbox720, & 720's rumoured $299 price is right, then Sony could launch PS4 with the best specs possible for $399 on launch, with at least 6months at that price, then on 720's launch day, Sony could initiate there proposed $120 price drop, therefore having PS4's price point $20 under the 720's, not to mention with a couple of packaged titles in there greatest hits range (I'm sure there'll be a few titles that sell over a million copies in the 6months after PS4's launch).

I know that dreamers thinking we'll get all these new chipsets, as well as "16gigs of ram" & 1 terrabyte HDD's, really are not being one bit realistic. I mean, if MS are at $299 as speculated, there is no way on gods green earth they can offer 16gigs of ram, as that type of ram would probably cost that alone, so for MS to have that, plus a 500gig HDD, GPU, CPU & the other components that make up a console, there is just no way financially that MS could afford the hit..........Well, that is not right, they could just put us on a contract (like a mobile phone), which would mean you pay a set monthly fee for connection to Live, along with the console, & all this for only 2yrs worth of $39 payments a month. So, they could market it to us morons that we get a free console, when in fact we would be paying a thousand or 2 for the unit.

Anyway, lets hope we get better specs than we can dream of & be able to get them soon.....like this Xmas & no later. I really don't want to have to wait until 2014 to get hold of a new PS4, I mean, the end of 2013 is going to be torturous enough a wait, although, I guess we have Aliens:CM, GOW:Ascention, Gears4, The Last Of Us, Injustice:GAU, Beyond:TS, & there are a arms length list of others that are gonna keep us busy this year, & although it won't even nearly keep our minds off new consoles, they will at least, temporarily distract us.
BeardedPriest  +   1052d ago
I hope they come out soon and they can satisfy me...
wiiulee  +   1052d ago
lol..all this announcements and hates are because wiiu is out , so the two other companies have to announce that they have a copycat coming out soon with shinier pixels so hold on fanboys.....i'll get all three but i just feel nintendo has delivered and they are ahead to stay....but obviously neither of the competition will even come out in 2013
typeN8  +   1052d ago
Its all hype people
Im sure its gonna be e3 big stage
But everything else you here..its hype
Only when ms and sony come out and say
"Heres your new console brats" should you believe any of this hype
Godofgames  +   1051d ago
I doubt it but only time will tell
yfwiuysdfiou   1051d ago | Spam
Braid  +   1051d ago
February my @ss :) Are we hyping up every single gaming convention now in the hope that a next-gen announcement may be made? It's the internet age, there would be leaks all over the place if it was that soon.

It's kind of sad, really, shows how thin our patience wear as the time passes. Sony and MS should announce it as soon as possible as they're killing the industry, though. Almost everybody including the gaming media is yawning right now at how boring this console cycle has become.
#24 (Edited 1051d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
drpepperdude  +   1051d ago
I think Sony might announce the PS4 at CES tonight. At least I hope they will say something about there future with the PlayStation brand.
Hayabusa 117  +   1051d ago
The Playstation has no future, and Sony is just a rumour...(sorry, I'm just trolling).
drpepperdude  +   1051d ago
@Hayabusa 117 At the rate their stock is doing your trolling may be correct. I'm starting to get sick of looking at there stock price. Every time i think they are starting to look better it drops a lot.
#24.1.2 (Edited 1051d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
bunfighterii  +   1051d ago
PS4 won't release in 2013 IMO. The PS3 has far too much support in 2013- they would be sacrificing the investment made in PS3's showcase titles for 2013 by distracting everyone with a PS3.

They might announce it, but they'll give us a good 8-12 months of hype prior to a release. They won't give detailed specs if they announce it too, just what it's capable of to give them flexibility to match or beat the next Xbox should that have 'better' specs.
steve30x  +   1051d ago
If the PS4 gets announced and released this year I cant see it hurting the PS3. Look at the PS2 and how long support for that lasted after the PS3 was released.
EffectO  +   1051d ago
Vita was announced in January.Event was known to public a week before reveal.They can do something like that for PS4.Full reveal at E3 of course.
Amiroo  +   1051d ago
PlayStation 4 Announcement Coming in February?
No, Last of Us coming in may
gow acension coming in march
beyond maybe by the end of the year, if sony announce ps4 it's defenitly hurt this titles and sony. sony is not that stupid
Hayabusa 117  +   1051d ago
Wana bet?...
PJF_Josh  +   1051d ago
I do. PlayStation 4 will not be announced in February.
Amiroo  +   1051d ago
yeah. how much ?
i even not sure PS4 coming this year
PJF_Josh  +   1050d ago
I'll bet anything that it is going to be announced this year, just not in February.
Hayabusa 117  +   1050d ago
Ok, if it's announced in February then you have to bubble me up, if it isn't, then I'll bubble all three of you up. Deal?
tigertron  +   1051d ago
This E3 will kick ass, I hope.
sprinterboy  +   1051d ago
Vita annoucements in Febuary with PS4 being announced at E3 with december launch for Japan and Europe/USA Febuary release
ziggurcat  +   1051d ago
i don't think that they're going to announce the next playstation until E3.

@ splinterboy above: you obviously don't know the pattern - it's initial announcement at E3 in year X (this year), more detailed announcement at E3 in year Y (next year), and launch date later in year Y. next playstation won't be until 2014 at the very earliest, regardless of how long the devs have had access to the dev kits.
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