Despite THQ Filing for Bankruptcy, Relic Is Still Hiring

When the news of THQ filing for bankruptcy poured on the web, people initially thought that the bitter end of the agonizing company had finally come. Then they noticed the (unknown to many) difference between Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy and breathed easier, especially after THQ President Jason Rubin explained the situation.

Despite the fact that the publisher won’t probably go the way of the dodo, most probably wouldn’t think that they would hire new personnel at this juncture, and they would be wrong.

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Games4M - Rob2018d ago

Hopefully this means Dawn Of War 3 is still on the cards.

Abriael2018d ago

Amen. Even if honestly I'm more excited about the fact that Creative Assembly got their hands on the Warhammer Fantasy franchise now.

morganfell2018d ago

Space Marine with Mark Strong's voice work was so underrated. It's the anti-cover shooter. As for strategy, I have every title in the DoW series both I & II and really hope that the new team has some avid players and readers that won't feel the need to go off the rails and ruin a great franchise.

Myst2018d ago

I would have thought everyone forgot about it. Glad to see that there are still those looking forward to it like I am.


Please keep hiring! I wana play COH2!

ATi_Elite2018d ago

I need my Dawn of War 3

Warhammer 40k is so friggin awesome it needs a big time movie to be made!

palaeomerus2018d ago

I want the 40K 'used to be an MMO' game too.