Let's Take a Look: Advanced Branching

Choices are difficult things to handle, and all too often seem like they come only in the black and white varieties. However through the magic of game design and mathematics, Thomas Williams takes a look at how applying game theory to narrative branching can influence and entertain your players. Plus there's a reference to a movie David Bowie was in. That's enough to make any lesson in game design cool.

"In the past, I’ve discussed some ways to integrate branching narrative and it’s importance, yet that only skims the surface of truly understanding how to properly implement choice. In order to do that, we need a better understanding of the concept from both design and mathematical approaches. While I’ve already tackled the design methodology, this week, with the help of my colleague Nicholas Petela, I was able to gain some insight on the relationships between numbers and player decisions.

When approaching the math behind psychology, game theory can be an indispensable tool. It..."

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