Time Eats Away At Your Skill

Ever notice that as you get older you start to suck at video games? This post talks about just that.

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JsonHenry2022d ago

My twitch reflex certainly is what it was 15 years ago. That is for sure. Strategy games I've noticed don't tend to suffer as much as twitch (FPS) type games though.

Conzul2022d ago

Funny thing is I don't think I've gotten worse at twitch games, but if I think about it I seem to care less than when I was younger for some reason.

bigfish2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Its true, you think you're really good at a game and then when your snotty little nephew comes along and has a go and beats you or gets a higher score from his first go- it does make you angry and you end up throwing him out of your room in a fit of angry rage....... all those years spent playing games has amounted to nothing... sob sob

TENTONGUN2022d ago

on the original xbox,rb63 and black arrow, was in top 1000 on xbox live. ghost recon and island thunder was in top 200 on live. im 33 now and this gen has sucked apart from being top 5000 in rb6 vegas. it does get harder, but i think mostly do to other grown up responsibilities and no time to fk off. that and a lil hand eye coordination fades over time. also a few decades of gaming ruin your eyesight. hell im full of excuses i know,,, but i cant do shit against the youngins anymore.

kneon2022d ago

It doesn't have to be that way. I'll be 48 this year and I'm better at gaming than I ever was. It just requires finding the time to put in the hours.

I normally slaughter the kids online, sometimes it's been so lopsided that I've been accused of cheating. Just last week they couldn't believe that every kill I got was a headshot, so I told them the secret, aim for the head :)

TENTONGUN2021d ago

lol more power to you. i hope when im 48 and the kids are grown and gone i can get back to form. gaming will be amazingly kick ass by then so im sure ill be balls out in that generation of gaming. i hate when i suck at games cause ive been better than most folks the majority of my life. good times

hduce2022d ago

I don't think it is your age is the reason why you can't do anything against the youngins anymore it might be because as you get older your priorities and responsibilities change. As a kid, I had all the time in the would to play a game and perfect my skill. As a adult, I have a full time career. I play Black Ops 2 and I have about 12 hours invested in multiplayer. I have guys on my friend ist that have 10 plus days played.

Nes_Daze2022d ago

Eventually that day will come for everybody, hopefully I'll pass down these amazing skills to my kids. XD

Sniperwithacause2022d ago

I've been doing that with my son and daughter. Lol

prototypeknuckles2022d ago

i think it depends on if you constantly play similar ganmes then you may never lose the skill,

admiralvic2022d ago

This has more to do with memories of the past, than diminishing skill.

Like I might remember beating Super Ghouls and Ghosts or Battletoads, but you COMPLETELY FORGET all the times you failed or how hard it really was. We tend to remember everything better than it really was (unless things didn't go well, then it might be a bit worse), but this has everything to do with perception / questionable memories and little to do with skill.

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The story is too old to be commented.