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An article about the imbeciles that bought the Wii U | Hard Reset

Yeah, woo! It’s 2013! Everything is new and exciting and futuristic. And that resolution you made to stop eating bacon by the barrow-load and go to the gym after work every day is going to pan out perfectly. Except it isn’t really, because you have to play Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite and Aliens: Colonial Marines and God of War: Ascension and Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3, don’t you? And maybe, just maybe, a good game will come out for the WiiU too. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Phil32  +   811d ago
I think the true imbeciles are the ones who write articles with blatantly controversial (and troll-like) headlines just to get free hits, regardless of the content.
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iamnsuperman  +   811d ago
I wouldn't call the imbeciles though as an imbecile is a stupid person but they are not being stupid to get hits.
PopRocks359  +   811d ago
Sad thing is this article is not really critical. It simply provides two different perspectives interacting in a discussion about the console and its future.

The title is complete garbage; strictly put there for attention and clicks. Please change it and then I will approve.
Kingofwiiu  +   811d ago
Uh huh , thise title is pathetic. let's all condem the wiiu after a month shall we ? pathetic....

The wiiu is a fantastic console , with fantastic potential , fantastic launch games . Nuff said.
sway_z  +   811d ago
I don't rate the Wii U much tbh...but even I will concede amazing titles will eventually appear on it...it's early days.

Give the lil guy a chance!
ElectricKaibutsu  +   811d ago
I'm not a fan of the pro Wii U guy's answer to why Nintendo used a resistive screen instead of a capacitive one. I doubt it was cost because capacitive screens are cheap now. Even that Chinese knock off Wii U GamePad has a capacitive screen. I think there are two big reasons:

One, durability. How many people do you know with cracked iPhone screens? I know at least 3 and have seen random people on the street with them too. Those screens are fragile but resistive screens aren't. I've never seen a cracked DS screen despite the DS having kids as a huge portion of their install base while iPhones and the like are used by adults and yet they're crack-prone.

Two, accuracy. I don't know about you but I'm glad pencils, pens, and styluses come to a point smaller than the tip of my finger. How accurate could a capacitive screen be with the input device (your finger) being a half inch in diameter? I've seen capacitive screen styluses before but they are still the size of finger tips which leads me to believe it's a limitation of the technology and not my fingers' fault.

That was longer than I meant it to be... but I just find gaming on my phone to be so inaccurate, I don't want my console to be the same way.
MsmackyM  +   811d ago
Finally someone who gets it. Capacitive screens are great for my shiny new phone, but when it comes to something my kids handle on a regular basis, having the durability of the resistive screen is a bit more comforting.
Kingofwiiu  +   811d ago
This is true , Nintendo needs to consider Kids as they make up the majority of the user base. About 30% of wii owners are probably 15+ ... maybe more...

Other essential reasons Nintnedo went with resistive- they genuinely like stylus precision and art apps , notations , etc.

2. What use is pinch and zoom on a device with a load of buttons ? it would be an irrelivant gimmik.
Adolph Fitler  +   811d ago
There both imbeciles. The Nintendo fanboy for bringing up that BS about PS4 games & those stupid stories about one use games/not being able to be traded or sold as pre-owned, & for trying to convince himself that a Wii-U is going to be worth it for just the Nintendo exclusives & Bayonetta 2 (which will sell horribly & be released as a Sigma-like title on PS3 & 360). As a NES & SNES fan, Nintendo have been the 2nd rate, dust collector that was hidden ashamed behind the playstations & xbox's of the world. And, poor old tired Shigera Miyamota (sorry about spelling) is sooooo tired of making Mario games that he has taken them back to the 2D realm. So, the other clown had a very good point about how many ways yo can spin the Mario franchise, as proven by the fact they have come full circle with the series & gone back to the 1980's with 2D platformers.....which validates his other great & very true point that Wii took a massive backwards evolutionary step. It was technology being sold at a premium price, that was technology that was a generation behind (A PS2 at a high price, going up against PS3 & 360), & what made it scary was the fact it was so successful, which COULD have set the whole business back by 5-7yrs, if Sony & MS decided, "Well, hell, why are we bothing to make machines with high specs like these, when people will lap up a gen old piece of crap, with a gimmick as the frontman/selling point".
Now, on saying that, I bought a Wii-U, & I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Even though the gizzards of the main unit are no better than a 360, I will say that the gimmick/frontman in the way of the controller is a far better technology than those stupid magic wand/nunchuck Wii controllers. And the best illustration of this is Nintendoland really, as funny as that may sound, there are some awesome examples of what could be done with this, given developers put the effort in.
I mean, the Ninja star throwing game is the best example of this, just imagine playing Ninja Gaiden 4 & boom, your into a minigame that does the same thing as that Nintendoland minigame does. For people that don't know, the ninja game in Nintendoland involves you aiming the Wii-U controller at the screen sideways, & using the touchpad, you flick your finger up the screen to simulate throwing ninja stars. It is quite well done, feels nice & as accurate as can be for such a thing, & would be even better if implemented into a real game such as Gaiden, or even better, Shinobi (there was actually a very similar looking section of gameplay in the original 8bit game). The Wii-U has far more potential than the Wii, & I hope we start seeing more than just Mario upon Mario games of differing sporting events & quality. I mean, a new 3D proper Mario would be nice, but it would be nicer if Nintendo announced that the entire Mario team were leaving Mario behind, to concentrate on something different, & maybe some more mature themed new ip's.
And this is why the other anti-nintendo guy was a imbecile & as bugs used to say, "moroon".
ElectricKaibutsu  +   811d ago
I agree with almost everything you said. I had a Wii and enjoyed it for the exclusives but it definitely didn't push console tech forward at all like the PS3 and 360 (like you said). If you're into hardcore games you probably wouldn't be satisfied with only a Wii.

Where I disagree with you is when you said the Wii was last gen technology being sold at a premium price. The PS3 was a next gen console with a next gen price of $600. The Wii was less than half that at $250. Not to mention if a multiplatform game actually came out on the Wii in addition to the other big 2, the Wii version was always priced $10 cheaper, as it should have been.
millzy102  +   810d ago
@ adolph filter you do realise that bayonetta 2 is published by Nintendo, there paying for the game to be made and release so even if it doesn't sell lots of units it will stay exclusive because it is by all intensive peroposes a Nintendo game, just made by a second party, people don't realise if it wasn't for Nintendo there wouldn't be bayanetta 2, Sega cancelled it and neither Sony or Microsoft picked it up it was kiddie Nintendo that did, Nintendo is trying to get the hardcore back and it worked for me, I'm loving it and for a change it wasn't Nintendo that sold The Wii u it was Ubisoft, regardless of graphics zombiu is an amazing game I'll have it over resi 6 any day (which I did I traded it in for zombi u) assassins creed 3 plays fine on it and I can still play whilst the Mrs is on PlayStation, (no second rate vita spin offs but the real thing) the only thing that is gathering dust is my vita as I've compleated everything worth playing on it up to this date, waiting on tear away, its got a less censored version of ninja gaiden. with amputation and lots of gore, this system is not as bad as people think and everyone that's played mine wants one and that is not an exaggeration. it took me ages to convince people to get 360 when it came out (the RROD didn't help) and none of my friends have a ps3 there all xbox players.

the problem with the first Wii is that it was left too far behind and no one realy saw any potential in it, however a lot of people who own the Wii u see lots of potential, myself included
pedroyamato  +   811d ago
The story looks like a sony drone interviewing a normal (not biased) gamer.

The unique problem is the title for this article, that is a horrible cheap way to call ppl to ready it or start a flame fanboy war.
venom786  +   811d ago
Loving my wii U, this is coming from hardcore PS3/360 user, I've been with them since launch but now I'm giving Nintendo a chance, I never had a wii but wii U is brilliant.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   810d ago
Agreed. As a big ps3 fan I am having a blast with the Wii u. ZombiU is awesom. The controls for the Netflix/Hulu/YouTube app suck. I don't understand why you are forced to use the gamepad to control those apps. I thought maybe the pro controller would give you the freedom to use it instead....but no.
That is my major complaint with the system thus far, the loading times are longer than I think they should be but it's nice to be able to go from in game to homes teen and back somewhat like the vita. Maybe with some patches those above bugs will be ironed out. All you hate mongers need to try it out instead of being antisheeple like the apple bashers/cod haters who hate just to be in the "cool" crowd.
wiiulee  +   811d ago
an imbecile would be anyone who bought a psvita or pay 600 dollar for a ps3 that showed no difference between it and the xbox.....truth is wiiu is a revolution, two screen home console, tvii, miiverse and nintendo games, the best develop games in gaming and wiiu still has alot of untap potential...and 3 million ahead thats passing the psvita soon right...but it seems like haters and investors who made bad choices in not picking the wii to win last generation are bent on trying to talk bad about the wiiu to win their money back...but truth is wiiu is a great system..i will buy the others too but we all know they will copy nintendo in most ways..
bigfish  +   810d ago
Its true, at the moment *and note - I said 'AT THE MOMENT' the WIIU is an utter waste of money no doubt about it, if you disagree then you are either a fanboy or an imbecile.
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Neonridr  +   810d ago
Things are only a waste of money if you see it yourself as a waste of money. I have the U and love it right now. But others don't feel that way and that is ok. That's how the world works. If we all felt and thought the same, then what a scary world we would live in.

One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

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