Firefly MMO: Hoax Or Impossible Dream?

Firefly fans may soon get a video game to call their own. The Facebook page for the MMO Firefly Universe Online has been relaunched with a promise for a Kickstarter campaign. Are fans' hopes about to be crushed again, or is the game actually coming out?

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Jdoki2019d ago

As much as I love Firefly, I doubt it'll be a long term success as an MMO.

I want it to succeed, but the MMO market is in transition right now. WoW is the only 'big winner', with the rest fighting over scraps. When a high quality Star Wars MMO from one of the worlds most renowned devs is struggling, then realistically what chance does another Sci-Fi MMO have?

Good luck to them.

EvilCackle2019d ago

I think it really depends on execution. It doesn't matter how popular the license or the premise is if the game sucks.