GDC 2008: Intel launches Skull Trail Motherboard With 8 cores

If you are a processor-power hungry PC gamer or a games developer then Intel has just given you a reason to be happy. The chip manufacturer officially launched its new, powerful motherboard, codenamed Skull Trail, at the Game Developers Conference with one eye on affluent, geeky gamers and the other on game developers.

The motherboard, which supports two quad-core processors and as many graphic cards, has been formally christened "Intel Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform." It supports a wide array of GPUs from both the Nvidia and ATI stables, including the latest Nvidia SLI and ATI CrossFire series of GPUs that support two or more graphic cards simultaneously.

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GIJeff3917d ago

and performed worse than one intel quad core. this board is the sux.

spammy_nooo3917d ago

Wow, this is getting ridiculous. I'm using an Athlon 4600+ dual core and it handles everything just fine. It's pretty darn old(relative to the tech market),it was only midrange at the time it was new, and it maxes out well after my radeon HD 2600 Pro when gaming(much newer midrange card).

I can only imagine what a modern Intel quad core would be like, let alone having 8 cores. This is unneeded right now, even for games.

I guess it can only be good in the long run. Just saying that I don't need it, and I'd bet most people don't.

LinuxGuru3917d ago

I have an AMD 4400+ with 2GB (soon to be 4GB) RAM, and I am still unable to find a game that REALLY uses both cores EFFICIENTLY.

This is runaway technology....and I think we need to slow down a bit.

One word -


etownone3917d ago

wonder if this will be the super computer that can run Crysis at the highest settings possible.

Gondee3917d ago

most high end computers can. i can do it at a playable rate with an old PD940. The game bearly supports SLI. And it dosnt not support quad-core.

Azurite3917d ago

Wonder if you can put two duo cores in it instead, anyone know?