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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1129d ago | opinion piece

Five RPGs for 2013: Lightning Returns and Crisis Core

1UP - Common ground between a sequel and a prequel. (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

Ranma1  +   1129d ago
This gen the only good JRPG's I played were:
# Tales of Vesperia
# Lost Odyssey
# Eternal Sonata
# Dark Souls
# Disgaea

And the Only epic one I played is:
# Valkyria Chronicles.

*I dont consider Xenoblade as current gen

This gen is like a drought when it comes to console JRPG's compared to previous ones
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ForgottenProphecy  +   1129d ago
Does Dark Souls count as a JRPG? I thought all JRPG's had to be turn based, not just be developed in Japan. Dark Souls feels like a Western RPG. I could be wrong, so that is why I'm asking./
Summons75  +   1129d ago
Dark souls was made by a Japanese developer therefore it is a Jrpg. When they made Demon Souls it was the intent to make to have a western feel to it.

Jrpgs do not have to have a turn based system but since it's popular they will go with it.
admiralvic  +   1129d ago
Like a lot of these terms, the meaning depends on the individual and not the actual term in question.

Like every Tales game I've played isn't turn based, but people would 100% consider it a JRPG. The same goes for Ni no Kuni, since there isn't any "turns" past cool downs, so it's up to you really.
AdmiralSnake  +   1129d ago
So... Summon if it's made in Japan, it's automatically JRPG ?

That doesn't sound reasonable or logical at all, I'm sure there's more to it than style, musical composure, etc. why when Capcom or Square makes a game...people say it's made too westernize then ?

Clearly I'm missing here. No, I was talking about any RPG game made in Japan...not ALL GAMES... clearly you're laughing at something that isn't there.

Because I'm positive developers can make an RPG which is made to target a specific audience, regardless of where it's made from... IMO, I could be wrong... I probably am.
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Summons75  +   1129d ago
@ AdmiralSnake

Why yes sir. If it is an RPG and made in JAPAN it is a JRPG. Just like a WESTERN Rpg is called that because it's made by WESTERN DEVLOPERS.

Clearly Japan makes different genres of games but if your fool enough to think that I was talking about ALL japanese games then you must have given me the best laugh of the the 5 or 6 others who thought I was generalizing instead of clearly talking about rpg's
No FanS Land  +   1129d ago

So if a english or french studio develop a turn based final fantasy like rpg, how do you call it?

I consider Demon/Dark souls as both Jrpg and Wrpg (more WRPG though)

JRPG because of their setting, japanese influenced grim setting soundtrack.
However it is also clear the game is build to play more like diablo/ Borderlands / Elder Scrolls than Tales of / FF / Suikoden or Legend of mana series.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1129d ago
the dark series isn't a Wrpg but you are right, rpgs have been, for the most part, turn based since the NES days. I miss old school, turn based jrps', especially the ones with open worlds, they were the best.
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ForgottenProphecy  +   1129d ago
I don't get all the hate I'm getting with Disagrees. I was just asking a question about something I'm not sure about. If it is only a matter of opinion, my opinion would be that Demon's/Dark souls are not JRPG's. If I didn't know any better, I would assume they were made by a western developer. I'm sure there are some games with a JRPG style that were made in the west, I just can't think of an example.

IMO, JRPG is a genre, just like MMORPG and FPS. It may not have to be turn based, but an RPG with a Japanese feel should be labeled JRPG, not just any Japanese RPG.
brish  +   1129d ago
"Does Dark Souls count as a JRPG?"

The definition of a JRPG isn't something that is universally agreed on.

Some people say a JRPG is an RPG made in Japan. Using that definition then yes Dark Souls is a JRPG.

Other people say a JRPG is a specific style of RPG that originated in Japan but can be made elsewhere. Dark Souls has more of a western RPG style so using that definition no, Dark Souls is not a JRPG.

Personally I think the best answer is "who cares?". Dark Souls is an amazing game no matter what type of game you call it.

I've even heard some people say Dark Souls isn't an RPG!
ritsuka666  +   1129d ago
Dark Souls is NOT a Jrpg... --'
DOMination-  +   1129d ago
I always classes it as an action rpg
Rush  +   1129d ago
It doesn't matter what you consider current gen, Xenoblade and The Last Story are part of the same generation as all of them games you listed and both are brilliant games.

Valkyria Chronicles was a great game but it's more a strategy game than an RPG, the same way I wouldn't call XCOM an RPG other than that the list is OK in my books
3-4-5  +   1129d ago
Dragon Quest 9 ? ahh..this year...
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user3915800  +   1129d ago
Jrpg? ever since they got rid of Hironobu sakagushi, the entire fantasy been a disaster. The creator knew jrpg and ever since they fire him, squaresoft aka square enix now has lost the touch of a master piece creating nothung short than garbage. FF13 COMES TO MIND PLAYED THAT GARBAGE AND ITS ONLY LINEAR front with the lack of ingenuity and no direction, trying to make look like a western style and failed to capture both, the west and east a like. A failure produce by the lack of direction is the result. Square started its downfall ever since their savorand now after the last ff I'm no longer interested on anything they can make.
N4GDgAPc  +   1128d ago
Really the reason they got rid of Hironobu Sakagushi because he is the big reason Square-Enix almost had to shutdown. He was the director of Final Fantasy Spirits within. That was more of a flop than Final Fantasy 14. He thought it was a great idea to make the movie towards more westernize movie. Thats the reason why they merged with Enix. He made great games but the sametime they could of been called Square-Soft still. Maybe they would of still merged with enix but who knows.

I loved Lost Odyssey but I couldn't get into Last Story. I tried so hard but didn't like it. Xenoblade is one or close to my top 5 rpg's of this gen though.
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josephayal  +   1128d ago
Blue Dragon is the king
Kratoscar2008  +   1129d ago
Sorry but LR: FFXIII wont redeem FNC, it doesnt matter if its good or bad, why? Because none of these games are worth of the FF name.
Root  +   1129d ago
It will be bad, it's pretty obvious, it's a shame that most people don't get that still

FF13 was bad
FF13-2 was bad
FF13-3 will be bad

It's common sense really, all your doing is learning from past mistakes.

Square Enix will try and big this up as much as they can just like they did with FF13-2....tricking people into buying the game again.
silkrevolver  +   1129d ago
Oh, I'm sorry that I liked 13 and 13-2.

I guess I must be wrong.
N4GDgAPc  +   1128d ago

Your so right. Thank u for speaking the truth. U showed me the light and my wrong ways that FF13 is a bad game!

or not

There u go again not telling us your opinion but telling us what everyone else thinks about the game. Like my mind is blinded by love of this game and there is no way I can love ff13 and ff13-2.
N4GDgAPc  +   1128d ago
I don't understand how that could be a disgree unless its by Root. There is a difference between saying a fact compared to a opinion. Instead of telling his opinion he always gives false facts. He always complains about us tring to defend the game when he has an opinion. Never has he said WHY he hates the game. Only that supposly EVERYONE hates the game. Even me. Like the statement he said here "tricking people into buying the game again" I'm sorry rephrase that to "tricking me into buying the game" Then that would be a opinion. I never got tricked into buying it. I knew I would love FF13-2.
iamtehpwn  +   1129d ago
You realize that Type-0 and Versus XIII are still FNC titles though, right? Type-0 was highly critically acclaimed. I think you should place your blame on how Toriyama's team handled FNC.
Root  +   1129d ago

Type-0 tried to move away from the FNC mytho but it was nearly done so they couldn't change that much to it other then the name. If they had more time they would of got rid of all the FNC refrences

With Versus it's been in development so long that they've probably reworked it to seperate it from the FNC series aswell. All those old videos with refrences to FF13 stuff were old builds of the game.

FF Versus will probably get a name change and won't have anything to do with FNC or FF13
iamtehpwn  +   1129d ago
No. have you actually PLAYED Final Fantasy Type-0?

All these games are still intended to be FNC games as much as possible. In fact, there is an FNC Logo when booting up the game if I recall correctly. Also, the mythology is so heavily tied into the story.

L'cie play JUST as big of a role Final Fantasy Type-0 that they do in Final Fantasy XIII. In fact, toward the end of the game the main characters are faced with the option of becoming L'cie. You have no idea what you're talking about.
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Root  +   1129d ago
Did you even read my comment

I said...

"Type-0 tried to move away from the FNC mytho but it was nearly done so they couldn't change that much to it other then the name"

Meaning the FNC still played a big part in it BECAUSE it was nearly finished they couldn't do anything to it. Thats why they changed the name, they WANTED to move away from it but because it was nearly done and had so much FF13 related stuff in it there was nothing they could do. Which is why the game contains heavey amounts of FNC did the old Versus trailers.

With FF13 Versus it's differnt since they have time...a lot of it.

So please don't play the "You have no idea what you're talking about" crap when you can't even read my comment properly. I never said FF Type-0 had nothing to do with FF13 so you's obvious you don't know what your talking about.
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Kratoscar2008  +   1129d ago
Last time i checked FFXIII was acclaimed by the critics and it has its fanbase that talk wonders about it.

I dont know anything about Type Zero but im leaning that is the same deal here, so far until i play it and judge it myself i put Type Zero and Versus in the same train and more if they reference to FNC.
Root  +   1129d ago
Lightning thanks the only RPG for me so far is Ni no Kuni
kalkano  +   1129d ago
The more they move to action-based combat, to pander to the current FPS generation, the further I move away from the series.

The first RPG I ever played, was the very first Final Fantasy. I cannot buy Lightning Returns, because I cannot support the current direction of the series.
8bitHero  +   1129d ago
crisis core is one of my favorite games this gen. it was the first game i played in the FF7 universe. i still want to play derge of Cerberus(i know i spelled that wrong), i was disappointed to find out it was the last in the FF7 universe, simply because of the cliff hanger ending(i couldnt resist so saw it :3)

anyway, cant wait for ni no kuni. itll be the last game i buy till i make a huge dent in my backlog.
Pozzle  +   1128d ago
I wouldn't bother with Dirge of Cerberus tbh. It's an atrocious game with clunky controls, generic characters, repetitive battles, and practically nothing to do with the FFVII universe. Such a disappointment. :(
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gear  +   1129d ago
i am crossing my fingers for this game to be a total flop in the market
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1129d ago
Tales of Xilla and Lighting Returns for me this year. RPG wise any way.
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gear  +   1129d ago
for me metal gear rising,MGS ground zero,DOA 5 for vita,castlevania los2 and soul sacrifice.

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