Offensive Combat, The world's first console-quality, free to play, first person shooter browser game

U4ia studios, made up of former Call of Duty developers, have released their the world's first console-quality, free-to-play, first person shooter browser game. This is a huge step forward. The game can be played either on the official website or directly off Facebook.

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RamsesNum11748d ago

this should be a fun addition, Silly FPS. I mean we know Gotham City Impostors was successful. Lets see how this does. Personally I cant wait to try it : )

Mutant-Spud1748d ago

Console quality? Maybe they're talking about the PS2, I just played one match and it's typical F2P dross.

Sarobi1748d ago

I've played this since the early beta phases.. real fun game, definitely one of the better free to play games for sure

RamsesNum11747d ago

Yeah it is : ) Troll face bahahaha

SilentNegotiator1748d ago

"console quality"....riiiiight.

the worst1748d ago

ps1 console quality
or better yet
mobile phone quality or ipad quality