Game Developer On Wii U's Slow CPU And Untapped Potential Compared To PS3/360

"We recently interviewed Fronzenbyte Games, the developers of Trine 2, and this is what they had to say when asked about how difficult it was to port Trine 2 to the Wii U, and how much untapped potential it has compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360."

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ritsuka6661870d ago

I was getting worried guys, we haven't had a WiiU Doom article in a while on N4G.


Anyway, these articles of Nintendo Doom and Gloom are getting severely old. Awn...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

"They also believe the Wii U has a lot of potential but they mentioned that Nintendo mostly designs a console based on what their first-party games offer, and have their own standards."

Doomed for the hardcore games yes.
Nintendo first party is full of kids games. Zelda & mario galaxy are still is fine though.

Expect a sh!t load of cartoony games.

If sony said we design ps4 around our first party titles that would be a huge contrast to nintendo.

The Last of Us vs Pikmen 3!

And why not play as someone great instead of a grape?

t0mmyb0y1870d ago

I dunno...CoD looks the same as 360/PS3 versions. It just depends on the developer. Nintendo definitely likes to go the cartoonish look, so it'll mostly be up to 3rd party to bring the hardcore. Would be nice if Niny finally grew up a bit.

ShaunCameron1870d ago

<And why not play as someone great instead of a grape?>

Um. Because Pikmin 3 probably have more originality and imagination going for it than The Last Of Us, which seem like a watered-down and banal Uncharted.

1870d ago
bozebo1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Pokémon MMO.

Old McGroin1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

@ shutUpAndTakeMyMoney

"Doomed for the hardcore games yes.
Nintendo first party is full of kids games"

ZombiU, CoD, Aliens, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Bayonetta 2 disagree with you, and that's quite a few hardcore games confirmed already for a Nintendo console given how young the system is. Typical Nintendo hater, try not to be so lazy next time you troll a Nintendo article.

Ezz20131870d ago


""Pikmin 3 probably have more originality and imagination going for it than The Last Of Us, which seem like a watered-down and banal Uncharted. ""

can you fail even more harder ??!!
i'm soo sick of trolls like you

HammadTheBeast1870d ago

@Mario4Four, of course you won't have any bias with a name like that. But, Ni No Kuni beats Nintendo at it's own game.

MikeMyers1870d ago

Trine 2 is not a very demanding game. When we start to see games like Watchdogs we will see just how well the Wii U handles it, if it gets the game to begin with. We are also on the verge of new systems for Microsoft and Sony so will that mean the Wii U will once again give Nintendo and inferior outlet for gamers buying multiplat titles?

This isn't to harp on the Wii U as the system is not meant to compete with cutting edge technology and performance. Its main feature is the Gamepad so if Sony and Microsoft adopt the same type of thing they too will have to add the cost to their system. Nintendo has said they are not making any money currently off the Wii U units. So if people want a Wii U experience with cutting edge technology then expect to pay for it. $300 is very reasonable for what it offers.

MasterCratosKong661870d ago

if they wanted you to play as someone great in the last of us, they would make will smith the main character and call it what it really is, I am legend the game (not saying it will be a bad game cuz it looks awesome, but lets not pretend like it is an original concept because it's not). also hating on cartoony games doesnt make you a hardcore gamer. it makes you look like you are overcompensating for a need to feel mature. especially when some of those cartoony games offer plenty of depth

Perjoss1870d ago

I see no doom surrounding the WiiU, the PS2 was always a bit less powerful than the xbox and people never associated it with doom or failure. Devs will work to its strengths.

Can't wait to see if they stick the motion sensor on the gamepad for Aliens Colonial Marines :)

LOL_WUT1870d ago

A bit? No, they need a lot of growing up to do. They play it safe with the same old franchises, art style and weak hardware. The Zelda tech demo was nice, thats the direction I want them to take for all their IP's. Maybe then can they be taken seriously. ;)

PopRocks3591870d ago


Because Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword all had the same art style. GTFO

PopRocks3591870d ago


The Last of Us vs Bayonetta 2. Fixed.

"And why not play as someone great instead of a grape?"

You're pretty ignorant. I highly doubt you've ever even played Pikmin before. "DERP I'mma judge the game based on its rating!!!"

You must feel like such a big boy.

specsmatter1870d ago

Bayonetta versus LOU lol gtfo diff leagues try harder. It was suppose to be zombie u killer app versus whatever but turned out to be mediocre and looked aged lol worse thn there year old games lol

PopRocks3591870d ago


Points that have nothing to do with the topic at hand aside, Bayonetta and Last of Us is a far better comparison than Last of Us and Pikmin 3. Moron.

ABizzel11870d ago

Even with the bad CPU, I don't think it hurts NIntendo, because they sell their console based on their name brand, and their exclusives.

But it completely divides the 3rd party developer support NIntendo claimed they were after this generation.

Trine is another bad example, because while it's a great looking game, it's among the standard NIntendo 2D Side Scroller, with standard enemy AI for those games.

LAWSON721870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Cartoony games, dont make me laugh. They have done more for gaming then any graphic intensive game has.

SilentNegotiator1870d ago

I'm glad the developer of DEMANDING games like Trine 2 cleared this up over top-notch developers like DICE.

Thepcz1870d ago

lol you got to be kidding me, right? last of us? an inevitably dull game based on 1997 mechanics. albeit dressed in hi res clothing. even uncharted is a very basic and oldskool game. just shoot and run gameplay. a gauntlet. hardly creative use of modern tech. but what would you know about that?

even pokemon on a gameboy colour has more creativity than last of us. since last of us is nothing more than a pretentious disaster film wannabe game.

its only main selling point being 'da grafix' and the fact its from the same devs who brought uncharted- who i pointed out in the last paragraph, is nothing more than a tarted up tomb raider game from 1997.

you say expect a lot of cartoony games, but on ps4 expect a load of realistic (ie real is brown) miserable games with lots of sex guns and blood for 'mature' people (ie spotty teens

at least nintendo games have class, instead of the trashy feeling most ps games have

merry christmas :)

BattleAxe1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Nintendo fanboyism has gotten way out of control. Nintendo is falling behind the times, and they don't seem to be able to look much further than one or 2 years down the road when it comes to their tech. I will admit that I loved Nintendo when I was a kid, and I still have my original NES, for which I still collect games for, but the fact is that when you look at Nintendo's business as a whole, they are a sinking ship.

They've done some great things for the industry, and they have some iconic video game characters, but I'm afraid that they're going to need more than an outdated console with a tablet to stay relevant for more than a year or two max.

DarkHeroZX1870d ago

@old McGroin

Most of the games you stated where 3rd party. If Monster hunter doesn't pick up in sales you can best believe the game will be ported over to the ps3 and maybe even the PSP or vita. Capcom only likes money. And Cod is already on ps3/360, never be to quick to comment if you don't think about what someone's post says.

blackbeld1870d ago

I like both Nintendo and Sony.

I will buy the WiiU with the Zelda package and PS4 at launch. They both have good exclusives.

NIntendo: Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc.

Sony: Metal Gear Solid Snake's, Granturismo, Uncharted, God of War, etc.

Except xbox I just can't jump in there. No good exclusives. Gears of war and Halo thats it? No thanks.

Ezz20131870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

******"lol you got to be kidding me, right? last of us? an inevitably dull game based on 1997 mechanics. albeit dressed in hi res clothing. even uncharted is a very basic and oldskool game. just shoot and run gameplay. a gauntlet. hardly creative use of modern tech. but what would you know about that?

even pokemon on a gameboy colour has more creativity than last of us. since last of us is nothing more than a pretentious disaster film wannabe game.

its only main selling point being 'da grafix' and the fact its from the same devs who brought uncharted- who i pointed out in the last paragraph, is nothing more than a tarted up tomb raider game from 1997. "******

WTF i keep reading ?
does guys like you even try any more to look atleast know what they are talking about?
and you got agrees for saying something really stupid and plain wrong like that?

N4G has gone down to rock bottom

WiiUsauce1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

it's called having style and a neat design. Why is having colorful, fantastical designed worlds and characters bad? It's what sets most Nintendo games apart from the countless brown/grey/black military shooters. It's art. If you look at Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy running in 1080p on an emulator, they look f'n GORGEOUS.

Besides, the main reason why they made most of their first party games look "cartoony" was because that was the art design that worked best for the Wii. If you look at games that try to look realistic on the Wii, they look ugly, because the Wii wasn't good at pulling off realistic graphics. Wii U most definitely can, and we might see the return of the darker Twilight Princess Zelda design. Or we could get a beautiful and stylized cell shaded Zelda like Wind Waker again. I'd be cool with either.

Also, not all Nintendo games looked cartoony on Wii. Metroid Prime, Sin and Punishment Star Successor, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Monster Hunter Tri, and Metroid Other M all had a more teen/adult focused art direction. Just wait til you see the next Sin and Punishment, the next Metroid, the next Monolith Soft game, the next console Monster Hunter, and Nintendo's new IP's like Bayonetta 2 on Wii U. They will look absolutely stunning. I guarantee it.

ElectricKaibutsu1869d ago


About Ni no Kuni beating Nintendo at their own game, it also came out on DS. Just saying.

MaxXAttaxX1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

- Not really. They only share story elements, but they're NOT the same game. And the differences go beyond just graphics and their respective subtitles (i.e. Wrath of the White Witch).

- TLOU a watered-down Uncharted?

@Old McGroin
- ZombieU, Really? At least pick a game that wasn't mediocre. ZombieU was far from the GamePad-justifying Wii U killer app people thought it would be.
The rest are third-party games.

- Uncharted has Tomb Raider 1997-based mechanics in high-res? Do you even realize what you're saying? Could you Nintendo fanboys be any more out of control and uninformed!?

Let's be honest here. People aren't buying the Wii U for a next-gen high-end graphics experience (unless the only current console you owned was a Wii).
People are buying it for the new generation of first-party Nintendo games.
And that's really all that matters. There's no reason to stretch the subject any more than it has to be.
I honestly can't wait for the next Metroid, SSB and Kirby, for example.

P.S. Those of you who think that art style has anything to do with whether a game is core or not, you're wrong.

nukeitall1869d ago


"If sony said we design ps4 around our first party titles that would be a huge contrast to nintendo."

Yup, that is how we got the "impressive" PS3 that was designed to do Fast Fourier Transforms (read number crunching) instead of the typical load a game requires.

Point being, Nintendo apparently targets their hardware to games while Sony apparently didn't!

TheDivine1869d ago

It doesn't have to be x vs y. You can play more than one system instead of assuming its TLU vs Pikmin. Also there's far more games on each system than one each. The wii-u is a great successor to the wii. It's hd, has a tablet controller with motion, and has not only great 3rd party support but the best 1st party support in the industry. The 3ds might not be the most powerful handheld but its comparable to the vita, has 2 screens, and its own unique features. It's a great follow up to the ds. The wii-u will do well overtime and the 720/ps4 will also rock.

Those Saying Nin only does kiddie games haven't played a Nin console. They have some of the most core games ever like Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Zombie-u, Twewy, Radiant Historia, and many more 1st and 3rd party exclusives. It's all about the games and Nin has them. They're not all realistic shooters which I guess is all your definition of core but they're good, fun, hard games with good gameplay and amazing stories. Look at the 3ds. It has all the big games. MH4, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Dragon Quest 7 remake, Soul Hackers, Castlevania, RE, and most every other big name. Nin has tons of core games and besides the 3 main reasons for a wii-u IMO is miiverse, the tablet controller, and hd Nin games. NsmbU was a return to Super Mario World level epic ness from Nin. Miiverse is the best online integration I've ever seen. Playing through NsmbU with comments, drawings, and mii's popping up all over the map was the coolest thing ever. Everything is connected to the forums, boards, and community. Can't wait for a hd Metroid, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade, Paper Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and hopefully a Twewy sequel.

ElectricKaibutsu1869d ago

Honestly I know little to nothing about Ni no Kuni. I just remembered seeing the DS version at the store. All I know is it has something to do with Studio Ghibli (who I love BTW) but I just learned that right now from Wikipedia.

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Mounce1870d ago

You've clearly not seen the amount of Vita doom and gloom articles in comparison, LOL.

MRMagoo1231869d ago


Lmao are you serious??? "these articles of Nintendo Doom and Gloom are getting severely old" how about the ps3 the doom and gloom articles are still going 7 years down the road, the wiiu has been out a few months its gonna be getting a lot more like these.

showtimefolks1869d ago

these articles about nintendo doom and gloom remind me so much of how N4G was back in 2006 with PS3. Each day there were so many articles about how ps3 will never catch xbox or how Playstation brand is dead and sony should get out of gaming business

sony did good for them self and so will nintendo.

what a lot of you don't seem to understand its not a race, its a marathon so the start might be slow but things can improve over time. Look at PS3, and how it started to where its considered to be the best console this gen software wise and how many exclusives sony has produced

wii-u will be fine too.

MS i think will be in a little bit of trouble not because they did anything badly but because they have kind of forgotten about its core fan base and they seem to care more about being the media box in your living room than an actual gaming system.

HarryMasonHerpderp1869d ago

Let's not forget Nintendo can produce high quality adult games, Resident Evil on the Gamecube for one and that was graphically better than any RE on any other console at the time.
Everything does seems to of gone more towards the casual/kids market since the Wii though.

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Newsman1870d ago

Usually good rashes but this is pure flame bait crap

torchic1870d ago

did you not read the article? that was the safest response you'll ever hear about the Wii U's power. no flamebait there, just a dev reluctant on using the term "less powerful" and instead pulling the old "Nintendo do things their own way" card.

the main point is that we're still heavily comparing Wii U to PS3/360.

at the end of the day, after all the arguing, after all the commenting, after everything, that's what it boils down to and that's what's so worrying about the system.

well I've enjoyed my PS3, and I'm ready to move on to next gen. this doesn't look like the system that will bring me to that point.

EddieNX 1870d ago

It's definitely a powerfull system. Whilst it may have it's energy saving CPU , the GPU is obviously a beast something like 6670 .

Ofcourse it will smash the graphics of Ps3 and 360 in the long run , that's not even questionable.
Trine 2 directors cut SMASHES most of the graphics on those systems already and it's a rushed launch port.

Give it a while and it will produce AMAZING graphics. But this system is about Dual screen play , mii verse , Exclusives , etc not just about power.

It's a powerfull console , when you consider some of its power is being sapped by the gamepad.

It's like comparing the 3DS to the PSP. The 3DS actually has a slightly slower CPU than the PSP..... But the GPU is WAY WAY WAY WAY better and it has 4 times as much RAM and a stereoscopic 3d screen.

Overall the 3DS just feels absoloutly a clear generation ahead of the PSP.
And at the launch of the 3DS , the graphics were pretty bad. Only street fighter 4 pilot wings looked better than PSP graphics.

Same with wiiu. Slower CPU , Much much much better GPU , More RAM/ Edram , and second screen on its gamepad.
Some of the graphics at launch are the same or a tiny bit worse than the 360 in some cases , alhough they do use 2 screens.

Some are better like Trine 2....

Once the wiiu grows a bit , it will be like the 3DS. Clearly a newer and better device than what came before it.

HammadTheBeast1870d ago

KingofWiiU, it may crush the current consoles. But this year, the next gen offerings from Sony and Microsoft are all but confirmed to come out, so how will Wii compare to those?

EddieNX 1870d ago

@Hammad the one.

It will compare better than you think. The gap between Wii and 360 is gunna be a lot smaller with Wiiu - 720. That's for sure unless the 720 cost about $600 to manufacture and is being sold at a loss.

The GPU in the wiiu may actually compare to the 720. The 8000M is no better than the 6670.
Because it's a mobile GPU.

What the wiiu won't do in power it will make up for with innovation. How are the 720 and ps4 gunna compare to Rayman legends where one play uses a Wii remote or pro controller and the other uses the touch screen on the gamepad ?

They can't compare to that.

aquamala1870d ago

How can we compare wiiu to the next ps/Xbox when we know nothing about them? Of course we can only compare it to systems that exist. Xbox/ps fanboys are just dreaming their next system will have über specs.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1870d ago


The new Xbox Durango will have a touch screen in the middle of it's controller. Remember this post.

specsmatter1870d ago

In response kingofwiiu

You make yourself look more and more foolish lol So let me get this straight your killer app is trine2 tht u say blows away any ps3 game bwahhhhhhhhh how dumb can you sound? and how much can you be pulling for straws? There is no wiiu game now or in forseeable future that even looks better thn mgs4 let alone console benchmarks like uc2, gow3, kz2 which are years old. Plz be happy with your rudimentart 2d platformer games tht are no technical feat and look gd on any system like rayman and trine lol but dont compare it to 3d technically advanced games like kz2, uc2, etccccc tht wipe the floor with wiiu games. You guys come on here spewing bs while most are laughing boasting about a few cartoony 2d games in 1080p native lol ive already plyed a few years ago on ps3 1080p native. Wiiu isnt just underpowered for nxt gen, but current as well.

You can eat ppls minds here but none of those games mentioned presently or in the near will touch ps3 exclusive games graphic fidelity. I didnt need to be a psychic to knw wiiu wouldn't churn out bo2 and mass effect3 in 1080p (all of u ate your words) and i dnt need2be a psychic to knw wiiu games incoming arent even touching four year old games lol You betted on Zombie u and lost big time!!! i knw it hurts but its life.

And plz ppl stop selling lies on this site graphically wiiu is way behind and a list of cartoony 2d gmes in 1080p dsnt change tht fact lol Wiiu and nintendo stick to cartoony games because thy are easier, cheaper to develop and dont tax or show hardwares weakness and inefficiency.

Last but not least keep bsnking on colonial marines lol previewers already saying environment s are nice but character animations suck and feel stiff. Also graphics have a fake shiny look. Wasnt gearbox involved witg duke nukem forever? lol hyped up trash. The last of us will crap all over the comp. the same way uc2 still does bwahhhhhhhhh

ronin4life1870d ago

Probably the same way 3ds has compared to Vita.
Very few games will capitalize on the power well enough on the newer machines to really express their strength while the hardware itself is bogged down by poor design choices(like high dev costs, high price or comparable issues) while the wiiu starts to ramp up good games and incredible looking upcoming exclusives.(like 3ds has done with its Mario games up to resident evil, and beyond).

Ippiki Okami1870d ago

"Ofcourse it will smash the graphics of Ps3 and 360 in the long run , that's not even questionable.
Trine 2 directors cut SMASHES most of the graphics on those systems already and it's a rushed launch port."

Until I see a Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite, GTA V or Crysis 3 ports running on a wiiu, imma say you are full of crap.

Megaton1870d ago

@Kingofwiiu - LOL @ "...the GPU is obviously a beast something like 6670."

6670 is not a beast. The GTX 690 is a beast. Compare and contrast.

Now compared to the lowest iteration of AMD's current 7000-series, the 7750.

hivycox1870d ago


What your problem ??? and what with the 'bwahhhhh'?

first: he didn't even say that Trine 2 blows any ps3 games away...he used it in an example for games which looks better on the wiiu

second: the entire first half of your post is just flat out wrong. How do you know that future wiiu games which aren't even showed yet won't look better that current gen games...according to history every game did look better than previous gen (even the games on the wii (Galaxy comes to mind))

But if you true than I didn't know trolls could foresee the future.

And last: cartoony games are cheaper to that your argument??? I rembered years ago I read something about cell-shaded graphics.. they are harder to make that realistic textures... Nintendo always puches their games to the end in terms of gameplay, story and especially graphics... do some research before shitting your opinion all over the place... it stinks...

ah yeah one last note:

grow up bwahhhhhh!!

specsmatter1870d ago

at hivycox.......

before you defend someone stfu and learn how to read. He was suggesting tht weak 2d cartoony trine lol blows away the competition in terms of graphics hmmmmmm.... and i quote.....

Trine 2 directors cut SMASHES most of the graphics on those systems already and it's a rushed launch port."

Your comprehesion skills are obviously lacking so read again. His comment alone about a non taxing 2d platformer looking better thn most current offerings is insane......

Furthermore who mentioned cell shaded games alone? I said a 2d cartoony side scrolling game cell shaded or not cost cheaper to develop thn a 3d technically advanced game like uc, gow or even borderlands which is cell shaded but obviously more complex thn a bs side scrolling mario game, rayman, etcccccc

You must be like 16. When you finish school, then re read our debate and answer accordingly.

hivycox1870d ago


it looks like you are the one who is immature. As a matter of fact I graduated years ago.

Why can't you give an appropriate answer without exposing and insulting???

Its people like you why the gaming community turned into a whole bunch of human beings who love it to expose others.

talking to you is with due respect a waste of time and strenght

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Irishguy951870d ago

Developers gotta learn how to use it right? That was Sony's excuse

iamnsuperman1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

And Sony proved it with their own releases and now we have multiplatform games equal across all platforms (except for an extremely few amount developers like Bethesda)

hawkeyejonjon1870d ago

Yeah. Developers need time to learn how to use the potential of the system. It wasn't a excuse for Sony because its true. Game companies takes time to learn the full potential of a system because it is impossible to learn it in a short amount of time.

specialguest1870d ago

The article never mentioned about developers needing time to learn how to use it. There was no excuse, but a compliment on the ease of porting over a game.

t0mmyb0y1870d ago

I agree, but it's not an excuse. You see any 360 games that look like PS3's high end games? PS3 won graphics awards for years after it was cracked. What's the best 360 looking game?

IRetrouk1870d ago

Halo 4, forza 4 and horizon and gears2/3 also alan wake had some sweet lighting

IRetrouk1869d ago

Damn thats a lot of disagrees for listing 360s best looking games, tommyboy did ask what the best was on 360

SilentNegotiator1870d ago

Except the cell processor was literally new and GPGPUs have been around for a long while.

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poo3429472947921870d ago

I enjoy the wii u a lot just wish Nintendo would update the firmware to speed up loading times and app switching other then that np

MattyG1870d ago

Seriously, you guys think this is a doom article? Did you even read it? The developer is complimenting the system, saying it has big potential, devs just have to learn the ins and outs (which is true, not just of the WiiU, of most systems.

showtimefolks1870d ago

Most will just look at headline and leave a comment

When ps3 was released it took a while for developers to learn and some never learned till the end because cell was not a easy development tool.

Wii-u is using off the shelf products so I don't think it will have as difficult time development wise but one issue I do see us a lot of 3rd party publishers are scared that if they release a M rated game in wii-u it won't sell.

Nintendo always pushes ts 1st party games hard but for them to get 3rd party on board they gonna have to go out of their way to make it happen

RevXM1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

How can the WiiU possibly have big potential when its games are so comparable to PS3 & 360 games?
Some multiplats are even worse than its 7th gen versions!

I cant recall 360 or Ps3 having any game released that looked the same or worse than 6th gen counterparts or competitors.

Perhaps the Wii-U can do better than the 7th gen consoles, but it looks like the wii all over again to me.
The ps3 is like 35 times more powerful than the wii yet they came out at about the same time.

So how relevant would this so called potential of the wii U be when the Ps4 and next xbox comes around?
Just food for thought.

1870d ago
MattyG1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Sure, it won't be as powerful as PS4/720, but it also won't be as comparatively weak as the Wii was, and I don't think Nintendo is trying for a powerhouse. They wanted to make a unique experience, and they delivered. We need to get over the "power is everything" mentality. Besides, what do people buy Nintendo consoles for? First party exclusives. I don't think we need a Zelda game with Battlefield 3 PC fidelity, and most people won't be upset if it isn't the most powerful machine (I say most, but it seems lately all anyone cares about is graphics and power).

GuyManDude1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )


"Besides, what do people buy Nintendo consoles for? First party exclusives."

100 million people didn't buy the Wii for 1st party games. 20 million maybe. The other 80 million bought Wiis for the Wiimote, Wii Sports, and Wii Fit.

The reason so many people want the WiiU to be a "powerhouse" is for 3rd party support. I'll list off some 3rd party games that the Wii couldn't support due to hardware limitations:

Batman: Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Bioshock, Borderlands, Dead Space, Dishonored, Dragon Age, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, Portal 2, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, etc.

If Sony and Microsoft release consoles that are significantly more powerful than the WiiU, this situation will happen again, and people who want strong 3rd party support on the WiiU don't want that to happen.

ronin4life1870d ago

I really doubt Sony AND MS(that and is very important) can both afford to release powerful enough machines... especially since machines powerful enough to truly leave wiiu behind don't even exist in the pc sphere yet.

This last gen was near suicide for developers, with several closures throughout the term. The dev community has barely recovered from that devastation, so I highly doubt any console maker wants to put more strain on them at this point. It was so bad, even many major publishers and big name devs where having troubles.

The second factor is a general standardization. The ps2 was quite a bit behind xbox/gc in power yet got more development... because it made more sense to build up from the lowest denominator. Just as it did this gen, from the 360 up to pc. This actually makes it difficult to focus on power for either company, as doing so only to have the other make a (in gen) mid-tier system results in games being made for wiiu, then upped to mid-tier THEN to your console... if it isn't to much trouble or money to do so. It would be the same as wii, but in reverse.

The first factor keeps wiiu from being left behind, and the second cements this. Among a billion MS/Sony specific factors that also say the same thing.

Imalwaysright1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

"PS3 launch games looked like ps2 games, look at it now. Each system has a learning curve" LMAO


GoW 2

@ ronin "especially since machines powerful enough to truly leave wiiu behind don't even exist in the pc sphere yet." My GTX680 disagrees with you.

Braid1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )


Would you care to explain us what you meant with this quote?

"... machines powerful enough to truly leave wiiu behind don't even exist in the pc sphere yet. "

Am I getting this right, or are you implying that a Wii U can not be left behind by any PC configuration that exists right now (or a future gaming unit that uses high-end pc components for that matter) as the tech is not available in the market yet? If that's what you implied, you might want to Google "690 GTX".

If you meant the tech doesn't exist within a reasonable production cost though, that might be correct but you'd never know as they sign special deals with manufacturers and get significant discounts on the hardware components. Besides, as far as I can remember both PS3 and 360 had an insanely expensive GPU unit which were the highest tech available for their time. I don't know why we shouldn't expect the same this time around.

WiiUsauce1869d ago

people like you should not have access to a computer.

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