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Telltale are in the Very Early Stages of The Walking Dead Season 2

GodisaGeek: "The second season of the game has been the topic of conversation ever since Telltale announced it a few months back, and it looks like we may be waiting a while until we’re transported back into that world. In an interview with Redbull UK, Telltale Games’ CEO Dan Connors said that the studio are in the very early brainstorming stages." (iPad, iPhone, PC, PS3, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "A New Day", Xbox 360)

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KangarooSam  +   872d ago
So. Freakin'. Excited.
Not sure if I want to play as a new character who meets Clementine in the future. Or as future Clementine. Or as the people on the hill.

I think the last one would be good, because then Clementine will react to what you say from comparisons to what Lee taught her and what she saw him do. But, that's just my opinion.
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Knight_Crawler  +   872d ago
Why would you post spoilers without warning people.

Mods please mark this comment as Trolling..
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capitanandi  +   872d ago
Well, this is an article on the second season. If someone is playing or has not played the first season, it would probably be wise for them to steer clear of this page to avoid spoilers in the first place.
Irishguy95  +   872d ago
Stop whining after coming into articles of a sequel were you never played the original. It's called having a bit of sense. Maybe you're too stupid though so forget it.
Abdou23  +   872d ago
I really hope they ditch cell-shaded graphics
Jockamo  +   872d ago
i think their aesthetic is to be faithful to the comic books. i think they should keep it.
sdozzo  +   872d ago
Heavy rain
omi25p  +   872d ago
I doubt it will be older clementine as it would mean its the most current story making it cannon. Which would mean that its story is more important than the comics and the tv show.
idiealot  +   872d ago
I'm really glad I finished the game yesterday, because KangarooSam you would have really ruined the story for me! SMH
TryMe  +   872d ago
Spoilers much?
XxWalksOfShamexX  +   872d ago
I wouldn't mind an older Clementine, but this talk of Clementine in her teenage years or as a twenty year old, is kind of ridiculous. The walking dead game follows in line with the comics. I don't think Robert Kirkman would want the game to move ahead the comics, timeline wise, considering the comics is the main series the oldest I could probably see Clementine getting in season 2 is 11(If they even skip ahead in time).
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DarkBlood  +   872d ago
damn it im going to copy cartman lol
Belking  +   872d ago
Awesome news! Can't wait to see where they take the story.
Eamon  +   872d ago
What choices you made would transfer to Season 2?

I mean, doesn't everyone get the same post-credits scene?
ForgottenProphecy  +   872d ago
Like how you chose to raise Chlem. She'll remember it.
TenSteps  +   872d ago
Probably how Clem reacts to strangers. Like if you tell her to be wary of strangers assuming you play a new character that meets her she would either avoid you or be all quiet.

Basically if ever they were going to transfer choices from the first season it would only focus on Clem's personality.

That's my theory at least.
Norrison  +   872d ago
I don't know but telltale said we have to keep our saves.
Jockamo  +   872d ago
hehe maybe lee comes back as a zombie if you don't kill him in the end...

...or maybe kenny makes it out with ben???

hope that slutty blonde comes back too...
XxWalksOfShamexX  +   872d ago
The most I can think of at the moment is, clems personality and what you told Christa and Omid to do at the end of the episode. The most effect the walking dead's choices have are usually changes in relationships, not really changes in scenarios.
MaleManSam  +   872d ago
I know its dumb, but at the end I was hoping that Lee just passed out due to blood loss from cutting off his hand. I wanted him to live so badly I was convinced of this and that season 2 would be him opening his eyes seeing the dead security guard walker on the ground and then he'd go after clem, or maybe Kenny would wake him up.

But then I found out cutting of your hand was optional. So sad. :( I know now that it would be a cop out with that ending. But can't a boy dream.

Can't wait for S2
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sway_z  +   872d ago

Why you had to do spoilers!!!

I and many others may have not finished this game yet!!

...what a dk head!!!
MaleManSam  +   872d ago
You come to an article reading about possible spoilers of season 2 and thus go on to read the comments and you blame me for said spoiler?

Don't be so naive, my friend.
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Eamon  +   872d ago
MaleManSam, you have a point. But still try you should have remembered to include spoiler tags.

There are people who are still playing through the game that would be interested in this article.

If this was a whole year after ep5 came out then you'd be right.
omi25p  +   872d ago
The first few words in the first sentence are "I know its dumb, but at the end"

Because he said END that means if you afraid of spoilers you stop bloody reading.

If it literally read

You'd have a right to complain.
But it didn't so its Your fault stop complaining
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Angrymorgan  +   872d ago
Bruce willis was dead all along.........god dammit omi.....
siavm  +   871d ago
Wait if Bruce Willis was dead how did JGL fight him? I really got to see looper now.
Root  +   872d ago
Why don't they just move on and do new things, stop with all this point and click stuff and do some new exciting games that will appeal to a bigger crowd.

I think one season of Walking dead was enough, they are going to do so many and rely on it so much that one day people will loose interest.
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Infernostew  +   872d ago
All Telltale makes are point and click games and that's why I love them. You may think they're boring but the company is made up of Ex-LucasArts people who know what their fans want. There are plenty of other "new exciting" games coming out from other companies that will peak your interests.
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Root  +   872d ago
Yeah but they should expand their genres, create exciting games that will interest everyone. They can create good stories so I don't know why they don't put that to use in another genre. An RPG...a third person shooter etc

I mean it's a joke that this game even got GOTY, it's good but not that good. I mean we can mosty all agree it only won because of the comic fans and the tv series fans....

The point is they are going to stick with the Walking Dead untill they milk it dry and where people will loose interest.....mix it up abit, do new things.


Don't put words in my mouth I didn't say they should just get rid of it because no one likes it's style. I likes the games I just would like to see their talents go into bigger games that don't rely on point and click movement.

As I've said they have good story telling put that to use in an RPG or a third person shooter.


Not really, saying someone implys something is just a way to sugar coat it so you don't come off as a douche.
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Eamon  +   872d ago
Root, Telltale Games are pretty much dedicated to point and click story games. That's what they're good at and that's what they are happy with making.

It's like saying Bungie should go and make fighter games or Square-Enix should go and make fps.

It got GOTY only with Spike and other non-serious places. IGN, Gamespot, GT etc didn't give it GOTY.

However nobody can deny that TWD game has masterful character development and a very engaging and tense story. The relationship between Lee and Clementine was very well done in my opinion. You really felt that emotional connection even though they are fictional characters.
Root  +   872d ago
"It's like saying Bungie should go and make fighter games or Square-Enix should go and make fps"

Bungie are making an MMO and Square Enix is the publisher of very differn't genre games.

"However nobody can deny that TWD game has masterful character development and a very engaging and tense story. The relationship between Lee and Clementine was very well done in my opinion. You really felt that emotional connection even though they are fictional characters"

And...I felt the same with John in Red Dead Redemption, Max and Mona in Max Payne the fall of Max Payne and even in Uncharted with all the characters who in my opinion have done it the best when it comes to character development. Lee and Clementine wern't like the first characters to be well written...theres been so many of them done in the past.
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Eamon  +   872d ago
lol Root, you've completely missed the point..
TenSteps  +   872d ago
Look I understand you don't like these kinds of games but some of us do as evidence by the praise this game gets from several different people.

But it's a bit self centered to imply that one genre should be gone just because there are people who didn't enjoy its style.
TenSteps  +   872d ago
I didn't say you said it. I said you implied it. Big difference.
TenSteps  +   872d ago
That's your point of view. Your comment originally called it "point and click" crap before the edit. And you say that that it needs to stop.

Now calling point and click crap is calling the point and click genre crap.

I specifically mention imply because that was how I read your comments while being fully aware that I don't know your whole reasoning. As why you mentioned that the "crap" needs to stop.
TheTwelve  +   872d ago
I like TellTale point and click and I don't want it to change.
BlmThug  +   872d ago
-_- The whole charm and unique factor of TWD is the point and click. Without it, it's just another zombie game
ForgottenProphecy  +   872d ago
Since it takes place in the Comic Book universe, I doubt it'll jump that far into the future, because they could dig themselves into a hole they can't get out of with the Comic Book.
Theangrybogan  +   872d ago
Is it based exactly on the comic tho, if so where's the rest of hershalls children?
ACBAA  +   872d ago
hopefully others learn from telltale, there have been very few worthy playing games
SAE  +   872d ago
I just started the last episode , like the game , it's better then playing zombies in cod , it makes sense playing it , good game , worth a sequel ..
francia   872d ago | Spam
Irish_Fella  +   872d ago
Root, seriously, GTFO, you're the reason why some of my favourite games have become streamlined and made for the casual, brain dead morons that need their hand held for the whole game who also need their obligatory AWESUUUMMEE set pieces every 20-30 minutes.

If you don't like the point and click games, then don't play them, TWD wasn't about the game mechanics, it was about the story and characters, it deserved every award it got.
Lucreto  +   872d ago
Thats good but I am concerned this success will stop them making other games.

They have the rights to Sam and Max, Monkey Island and Kings Quest.

I want another Monkey Island.
ayabrea93  +   872d ago
can't wait, hope Molly makes a comeback she was one of the best characters :)
XxWalksOfShamexX  +   871d ago
I think she'll come back... In a world like the walking dead, you don't introduce a character and let them leave, scott free.
prototypeknuckles  +   872d ago
So season 2 is pretty much confirmed, heck yes!!
HeavenlySnipes  +   872d ago
I actually want an entirely new story with new characters. Maybe a separate episode (or just a cutscene) showing what happened to Clem
TryMe  +   872d ago
One of the best narratives this gaming gen is getting a new baby brother!! Can't wait

#Clementine Fo'EVs.

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